V.Silitsky United States are investing in the future of Belarus

"But America has taken a certain niche in the Belarusian issue. And we litsezreem it in support of the Belarusian civilian society, Belarusian government initiatives, many survive by specifically American support.
Practically U.S. make a huge investment in the future of Belarus, which we now still do not fully appreciate. It would be very good, if this course, this policy lasted against Belarusian society. With him Americans do more to partisanship than those same Europeans. "
Sovereign Silitski explains that he meant under "bolshennymi investments":
"We are talking about specific educational initiatives and cultural projects, and contacts with Belarusian society through the head Belarusian authorities … This is a little different style of behavior is comparable with the European. "

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