Vacant land excavation will confiscate

Confiscation of the legislation should be. In Last year Alexander Lukashenko signed two decrees on the order of this procedure and allocation Land plots for housing construction. The new order came into force on January 1. According to him, as said Chairman of the Municipal Committee of property Jora Kuznetsov, changing the rules of buying and selling sites:
Kuznetsov: "Now it is impossible to implement an empty plot. Plot, which was given for the construction and service for home and cottage construction. On January 1, can be realized only land with the property or if the recorded assets under construction. If not, the materials are made to withdraw."
Innovation, according to the authorities, to counter the inefficient land use. Namely, eliminates the "gray" business in the earth sphere. In recent years in it, according to the professionals, "spun" huge amounts of money. Enterprising person with the participation of officials cheaply obtained in the districts of large cities excavation plots, which are then sold for huge sums.
Does this place at the moment — after the entry into force of the new legislation? In Belarus, the web — a bunch of ads vacant plots. I, for example, it was proposed to purchase 5 thousands of dollars put about Mihanovichi near Minsk. Merchant himself as Anatoly:
Anatoly: "Land border, a very profitable arrangement. There can contain cattle. There more than 23 hundredths. Division nobody can not confiscate.’s My property — as the car as a pen. Is it possible to confiscate what belongs to man, confiscate without good will ? "
Meanwhile, According to chairman of the State Property, presidential decrees and allow time to seize personal holdings. This will take place with the participation of the courts. In some regions of the owners of vacant sites, in order to avoid confiscation, chose to get rid of them.
Here, for example, said that the special issues in earth Samahvalavitskaga village council that in the Minsk region, Valentina Mamonova:
Mamonova: "Everything before the New Year, who failed to begin construction, sold out or gave the children, parents — in other words, changed owners. Laziest It only took no yes not sold their own sites until the New Year."

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