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What's going on?

Vaginismus — Spasmodic reflex contraction of the vaginal muscles and pelvic floor, which makes it difficult sexual intercourse or pelvic examination and accompanied by pain. Vaginismus suffer 3-4% of young women.

We can distinguish three degrees of vaginismus:

Grade I — the reaction occurs in the vagina or penis tool during a gynecological examination;

Grade II — reaction occurs when touching the genitals, or while waiting for the touch;

III degree— The reaction occurs at a representation of the sexual intercourse or pelvic examination.


Vaginismus divided into true and false. The causes of false vaginismus are physiological in nature: the hymen thick, dry entrance to thevagina, inflammatory diseases of the vagina.

The true causes of vaginismus — psychological.

— Improper sexual education, inspiring girl that sex — is shameful and unacceptable.

— Fear of pain during defloration, the fear of first intercourse.

— Aggressive behavior is a partner or attempted rape. As a result, the woman produced a conditioned reflex, which prevents the penetration of the penis into the vagina.

— Sometimes the impetus for the development of vaginismus can become living conditions — for example, when in a room with a partner is a third person.

However, the majority of women who suffer from vaginismus, sexual arousal occurs quite easily. Moistening the vagina is normal foreplay can be pleasing and give satisfaction, and the ability to orgasm is often preserved.

Diagnosis and treatment

In true vaginismus primary method of treatment — psychotherapy. In addition, the patient may prescribe specific exercises to eliminate the fear of sexual intercourse and related involuntary muscle contractions and information thighs. If vaginal dryness is recommended to use special lubricants and gels.

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