Valery Dranchuk: I shot America, but I beheld Belarus

The exhibition about hundreds of images of which looks feral beauty of nature and its South American watchmen — Professor and volunteers. Sovereign Dranchuk admitted that he was in national recreational areas of North America that is almost the case, but there realized that what he saw — it just what is missing in Belarus to preserve the beauty of mother nature. And longed to tell his compatriots as necessary to treat God-given wealth.
Dranchuk: "I shot America, but I beheld Belarus. I beheld their difficulties, beheld their sores and realize that it is an absolute hit with our problem of. In the problem of the fact that we are not able to demonstrate the nature. Not able to demonstrate that we are not able to keep . I do focus on it. Fact, demonstrate that if, open it and Prototype images and then be responsible all together: those who gazes, and those points. We, unfortunately, do not show and do not look as we have industry show. "
We also show the industry instead of according to environmental, industry thrives destruction of nature. Therefore unrealistic to tourists and even scientists get into sanctuaries and national parks, because the liquidation of natural resources is not specified.
In the U.S., says Valery Dranchuk, he found the perfect benchmark case of man to nature.
Dranchuk: "There is a certain amount of work and conservation reserves, and on education, so there Each reserve has prepared a teacher who works with students. There’s a certain amount of work, that work, which is not to bolshennomu Unfortunately, we have. "
The opening was attended salting U.S. to Belarus Karen Stewart.

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