Vardamatski Lena: I’m horrified

Lena Vardamatski: "There was a small voice can be even man was and drunk. He said: "In the morning you will be destroyed." I’m horrified. And again he repeated the same phrases and hung up. "
Lena Vardamatski 80, she disabled the second group. Yesterday, after telephone threats she was bad. Her husband Peter Ye immediately called the police and told of the dangers. With him skantaktavavsya district.
Peter Vardamatski: "That was morning, and the world so far nothing has happened."
Ancestors manager sociological laboratory "Novak" do not know why these might seem dangerous, but do not rule out that they may be associated with the activities of Prof. offspring.
In an interview with BelaPAN Andrei Vardamatski expressed the hope that question still about psychological pressure, and not real physical execution.
Report submitted yesterday manage laboratory "Novak" says lab in Brussels, was devoted to the nuances of different things inhabitants of Belarus to the European Union. Separately, there is provided the results of a sociological survey whereby 19.3 percent of Belarusians are aware of the latest strategies in the European Union against Belarus.

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