Varices — a disease of civilization

Varicose veins — a sad consequence of the transition of human ancestors to walk upright. In addition to advantages such evolutionary innovation has led to a dramatic increase in the load on the veins of the lower limbs, resulting in a gradual wear of the vascular wall. Further progress of civilization, as a result of which a person begins to increased sedentary life, only exacerbate the problem.

If untreated, varicose veins lead to serious complications and disability. According to experts, in the Russian severe varicose disease affects about 30 million people. In developed countries, the disease affected by up to 50 per cent.

The Dangers of varicose veins treatment is absolutely necessary to start sooner or later, who is at risk and what are the tools available to modern man prevention of varicose veins? These questions are answered, the chief doctor of the clinic "medical facility on Vein", PhD, associate professor of ambulatory surgery course of the Moscow Medical Academy. Sechenov, a member of the Society of Cardiovascular Surgeons of Russia, member of the advisory council of the State Duma's anti-tobacco and tobacco Igor Carenko.

Irina: What a day to go for the prevention of varicose veins? Sedentary work, walk around the office just like that — silly. Maybe enough in the morning before work to walk to the subway? Distance — kilometer. Is this enough to not run the legs?

Walking, along with swimming and jogging, is the most preferred sport of chronic venous insufficiency. So you can go and need. If, in this case, the duration of hiking will be at least 40-50 min., Then it will be a great cardio and burn a lot of calories. Furthermore, in the office can perform simple exercise that reduces blood stasis in the legs. Sitting can perform flexion-extension movement of the ankle joints. Standing — up and down on the sock. Exercise 10-12 1 per hour is enough to improve the venous drainage of the legs. With other methods of disease prevention can be found at

Alexei: Provide a varicose inherited? What measures and at what age should take if the relatives varicose veins?

Svetlana: My son is 3.5 years. Today saw on his legs began to appear vein, drawing venous accurately visible. Previously, this was not. There was only one small wreath is visible under his knee, and now below the knee and above the knee, too. I also suffer from varicose veins, but did not expect that at this age of his son will manifest the disease. Tell me, what can be done to any doctor and ask where they treat children?

Vadim: Conveys a predisposition to varicose veins from parents to children? As an ordinary person (townspeople) to protect themselves from the disease? What are the means for self-prevention of varicose veins? Useful if long walks? Can the big tennis lessons lead to varicose veins? Thank you!

One of the main causes of the disease is hereditary. This is due to the inherent weakness of the connective tissue, and the connective tissue is the framework for the venous wall. Therefore, if you have a predisposition to the disease. to about 1 every year to visit the doctor phlebologist for inspection and diagnostic procedures. As with any other disease, varicose veins, subject to the rule: early detection — the key to successful treatment.

Alexei: Dear Igor, tell me, please, on what grounds could be suspected at the problems with the veins on the legs? Without waiting for when they start to squirm and appear under the skin. Are there any methods of self-examination, how often they should be done?

Alexandra: I am 44 years old, on his right leg vein portion protrudes slightly. In this case, pain, or do not feel any problems. Use of special ointments does not have any effect. Without the use of drugs deterioration does not occur. Do I need to go to the doctor and to what exactly?

Marina: I sometimes ache vein in the groin (as if pulling). whether to go to phlebologist?

Love: Dear Igor, I am 43 years old, in the winter do fitness, began to notice that the evening really began to get cold feet. Not harmful to the load? What can you advise?

Unfortunately, self-identify the disease is difficult, because the disease may not produce a distinct clinical picture. To do this, there are specially trained people — doctors phlebologists. Therefore, if you are tired and swollen feet, there are night cramps, pains, you notice strange bumps or increased venous network, spider veins, as well as from your relatives have this disease, be sure to consult a specialist in the treatment and prevention of varicose veins phlebologist doctor.

Natalia: Is it possible to rasshinenie varicose veins in her arms? The surgeon at the clinic said that varicose veins is only on the legs. If this does varicose rasshinenie, how to deal with it?

Varicose veins can be transformed not only on the legs, but also on the arms, buttocks, perineum, abdomen, chest, and even in the stomach. It depends only on the difficulty of venous outflow from one or the other body. The reasons for this can be very diverse. Therefore, when such a problem must be the most thorough, comprehensive examination.

Light: How can I, without resorting to surgery, get rid of or reduce the appearance of varicose veins in the legs. My mother pronounced varicose veins, and I have begun to veins after birth. Maybe there is an effective cream or pill?

Vladimir: I think that the main cause of varicose veins — the problems with the valves in the central veins of the legs. What are ways to fix problems with the valves? Diet, or medications?

Nina: The Pope (51) 2 weeks ago suddenly swollen leg in the calf and numb. This continues until now, but with less power. I thought that the pinched nerve in the lower back, since it seemed to him, the signal goes from there. But they said that this vein. Is it dangerous?? What examinations do recommend? Heard about hyperbaric chamber … There is a strong radiation? What is your opinion about cleaning the blood vessels in the hospital? Is it worth it in this case, thin the blood (aspirin) or not? Please respond! Very worried about my dad.

Svetlana: Igor, good afternoon, please tell me how can a non-surgical cure through the translucent skin of the veins in the legs?

The effects of any tablet or ointment is directed to reduction of the clinical symptoms of the disease, ie, reduce edema and t d Surgical treatment of varicose veins is one of the core and is directed primarily to the removal of the affected veins, venous ie those that are not perform its primary function: to pump the venous blood from the lower divisions into overlying. Their removal will improve stored veins venous return from the legs. In surgical treatment can be performed the operation, and you can spend and compression flebosklerozirovanie ie, non-surgical treatment. Very often perform combined treatment: the first stage of the operation and flebosklerozirovanie. This is done in order to reduce leg injury and accordingly the patient. The type and method of treatment depends on the prevalence of the disease, involvement in the main vein valves of the lower limb and the presence of complications of the disease. Therefore, necessary to treat the disease, and the sooner, the better.

Vladimir: Dear Igor! I'm 45 years old, in the last 3 —years began to notice that on the right leg extended Vienna, no complaints I had. Last week at the wheel felt numb leg, it hurts. What do I do? If you have surgery, how long I will be unable to work?

Valenitina: Hello! On two legs for the past five years, parts and veins (superficial). According to the results of ultrasonography revealed venous valvular insufficiency. Offered surgery to remove the veins. Tell me, what are the consequences? Can I exercise (running, biking, climbing). Cope with the venous return to the inner vein? Maybe it is better to live with dilated veins than without them?

Modern techniques allow to reduce to a minimum the period of disability. Our clinic has developed and implemented a technique whereby after surgery the next day you can start to work. The only limitation — is lifting weights. So do not over-tighten itself will not go away, the sooner treated, the better the result.

Tatiana: Igor, hello! What time of year is better to operate varices? Can I exercise after surgery and how to avoid a repetition of the disease?

Operate or conduct flebosklerozirovanie compression is possible at any time of the year. Of course, more comfortable treatment in the autumn-winter period of time as the main condition for any treatment is to wear compression stockings or elastic bandages. Of the sports most optimal swimming, walking and jogging. The time when you can start training depends on the timing of rehabilitation after surgery. This may be from three to six months. Additional prevention methods described on our website

Kate: I am 26 years old, planning a pregnancy in the near future, have varicose veins. When is the best to provide treatment before pregnancy or after?

Pregnancy is one of the main reasons after the genetic factors leading to the development of the disease. If the disease is not treated before pregnancy, the disease can progress very much, there can be complications, and rather menacing, threatening health. Of course, after the treatment, during pregnancy, varicose veins can occur again, but it will again be the initial stage of the disease and after pregnancy again, they can be removed, and does not necessarily resorting to surgery.

Mary: Good day! I am 24 years old, have a predisposition to varicose veins in the legs. What should be done to prevent, to avoid later complications?

Lara: Hello! I got a job in a supermarket, of course, all day on their feet. What can be done to prevent varicose veins, if already leg veins show through?

Kira: I have the first signs of varicose veins, told the doctors about to med.obsledovaniyah. answer one: the girl you've ever seen varicose veins! Why can not give advice on prevention? How can you slow down?

Tatiana: Hello, dear Igor! I have a sedentary job, in the evening sometimes legs start to ache. Visually see no stars, no veins. Do I need to in order to prevent varicose legs to smear ointments and creams?

Maria: Dear Igor! After birth, began to notice that once a month feet hurt and feel heavy. At first thought it was a load of permanent lifting strollers, baby bags on the 5th floor with no lift … Then I saw the bruises on the legs, but not the "fishnet", namely bruises, as if struck. Advised ointment with bee venom, massage oil with arnica. Did not see any results, but over time, the pain ceased to appear. Does all this mean that I have venous disease? May need to be prevented?

Varices — a disease that is easier to prevent than to cure. A few simple rules will help you to prevent problems with the veins:

If you have to spend a long time in a static pose, at every opportunity, you should at least roll the foot from heel to toe. It stimulates the lower leg and is a good blood pumping. Try to walk more, rarely use the elevator.

You should not wear too tight clothes, socks and socks with tight elastic bands, pinch the vessels. For the same reason, to avoid compression of vessels, avoid sitting in a pose of "foot to foot."

Heat loads can also cause the disease. So before visiting the sauna, before traveling to tropical countries is best to consult with phlebologist.

It is better to give up high heels. Their optimum height — 6 cm

If you have 5-10 minutes, it is necessary to lie down with raised legs (their optimal position — 15-20 cm above the level of the heart).

Another preventive measure is very simple from the same area: to make the legs during sleep were raised slightly, Put something under the foot of the bed, under the mattress or make a small cushion under his feet.

It is necessary to reconsider their dietary principles: reduce the number of fat in the diet, refined foods and replace them with vegetables, fruits, whole wheat bread, use vegetable oil. Drink at least 2 —liters of water per day, especially in summer.

As a precaution venotonics used as a homeopathic (mountain arnica extract, horse chestnut, etc.) as well as allopathic. But before using these drugs should consult with a phlebologist. Depending on the vessel, he must appoint a course of definite duration, pick up the dosage of medications, monitor their effects.

It is important to know that hormonal contraceptives may trigger the development of venous disorders. If a woman is taking hormonal contraceptives, semiannually must show phlebologist.

People with chronic venous insufficiency shows those sports where there is a load on the shin. First of all, swimming, walking, jogging.

Compression stockings — one of the best means of prevention, with hereditary predisposition to varicose veins.

And, of course, do not forget the time to visit a specialist in the treatment of varicose veins — the doctor-phlebologist.

A: Hello. Please tell me whether the treatment of varicose veins to free services of our health care, if partially — what are they?

Amalia: Hello, Igor! I wanted to know if the Moscow State Center of Phlebology, which may give a direction in a simple urban clinic? My elderly neighbor vein problems, go hard, swollen feet constantly, but the money to pay the clinic there. Please indicate whether there is an opportunity to get a free consultation, which will phlebologist qualified and where?

Medicare Flebological help available from within the clinic (consultation surgeon, vascular surgeon) and the city, the district hospital (surgery to help). Phlebological specialized institutions in the provision of free medical care to the population there.

Lena: Dear Igor! Now often advertise therapeutic lingerie against varicose veins. As far as linen is effective, what do you think?

TatianaIgor Alexandrovich, please tell me, how many hours a day you need and you can wear compression stockings?

Angelina: Hello! Please tell me whether it is possible for varicose veins on the legs regularly wear a compression elastic underwear applied after liposuction and tummy tuck? No operation was not just a lingerie smooths wrinkles and uneven plump figure and is almost solid "overall." If you wear it every day for 10-12 hours, would not it be too much compression of the abdomen, thighs? How this may affect the varicose veins?

Ludmila: Dear Igor, after pregnancy and delivery on the legs under the skin in some places became visible veins, and they are not "got out", the skin surface is smooth, but the blue is visible. I read that it can affect the blood supply to the poor and to vremenm outwardly look worse and worse. Do I need to do something about it, or leave it as is? And how does playing sports (fitness, running) to this situation with the veins?

Lena: Good day to day! Appears mesh vessels on the thighs, what to do? Will wear special underwear? Work in principle, sedentary.

Compression therapy is one of the most effective ways to treat and prevent venous stasis in the lower extremities. You can use either bandages or medical compression hosiery, which is much more convenient. The main features of compression stockings include: fiber passed a medical certification, graded pressure variation, with the highest numbers at the ankles, there are different degrees of compression (from 1st to 4th).

Green: Good day to day! Tell me please, is there a special diet for patients with varicose veins — that is, what products are recommended for this disease? What medications (vitamins, dietary supplements or other) should be taken to prevent it?

Special diet for chronic venous insufficiency exists. But still — a rethink your dietary principles: Reduce the amount of fat in the diet, refined foods and replace them with vegetables, fruits, whole wheat bread, use vegetable oil. Drink at least 2 —liters of water per day, especially in summer.

Alexander: Dear Igor, I have a question — ginekolok appointed me OK, Diane 35. The manual says that when smoking occurs varices. I smoke I have about 5 years old. Is this true and depends on whether the age or length of smoking?,) Thank you in advance for your reply.

Smoking mainly affects the arterial tree, so young people can occur occlusive disease, in elderly atherosclerosis. In any case, this can lead to loss of the lower limbs. But it also does not affect the development of varicose veins.

Oksana: Dear Igor! fiznagruzki which can be used in varicose veins? can we deal with on a stepper?

People with chronic venous insufficiency shows those sports where there is a load on the shin. First of all, swimming, walking, running, aerobics, biking. But tennis, oddly enough, is not very good, because although during the game the person is in motion, there is a very large burden on the press. In the gym with a barbell bench presses do better in the prone position. If you have a predisposition to varicose veins, the upper part of the press is better not to pump. And most importantly — all kinds of exercises should be performed only in a compression hosiery.

Christina: Igor, help please — not bad to wear thick tights?

By itself, the density has no tights no positive or negative effect.

Basil: Is it harmful to sit cross-legged?

Yes harmful, because it was occluded veins under the knee and getting worse krovoottok.

Ahmad: I wonder if giraffes varices get sick?

Giraffes, as well as goats, dogs and other animals do not suffer from varicose veins. This is the prerogative of the individual.

Tatiana: Do I need to force an elderly patient with severe varicose veins for a walk? He refuses, citing the severe pain in the legs. But I read somewhere that walking is required in such cases. And more than Troboassa can be used to maintain the current state (on the treatment here is not talking).

As long as any man alive to facilitate his sufferings. And of course, the only literate appointment of complex medical procedures can achieve the desired effect. Therefore, refer to a specialist for internal consultation.

Andrew: Do I need to quit smoking, if diagnosed with venous insufficiency?

Smoking should throw no matter whether there is chronic venous insufficiency or not. Just another reason to do so.

Bourtsev: As I see it, I'm more and more strongly than others "sit out" feet. Four or five subway stops and turns are barely hobble to the bench on the platform. It is not always, of course. What are the preliminary examinations and which doctor to deal with it? Should not take any medications?

Correspondence is not possible to establish the diagnosis. To begin, refer to phlebologist for vascular ultrasound.

Dmitry: Good day! On duty, very often flying. I would like to learn how to affect frequent air flights on the condition of the veins, and whether it is harmful, and if bad, how to protect yourself?

Pilots, flight attendants are at risk of developing varicose veins. This happens due to the changing pressure in the flight. Passengers flying less often, but it is still necessary to take measures to prevent stagnation of blood in the legs, especially on flights up to 3 hours or more. To do this, you should drink plenty of fluids, as the air-conditioned air aircraft is dehydration. Periodically perform exercises for the legs. And most importantly — before the flight suit special compression stockings.

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