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With the state of our vessels connected many aesthetic problems: clearly acting under the skin of purple gossamer thin, sinuous snake blood vessels, veins bulging knotty, swelling does not improve the appearance of their feet.

But that's not all. Few people think that cellulite, which has recently become more and more women worry is closely linked to vascular pathologies. Arising from chronic venous insufficiency edema causes a disturbance of microcirculation, then start the process of formation of fibrotic conglomerates, which leads to cellulite. Between these diseases are not only a direct relationship, but also a vicious circle: the deterioration of a once causes the deterioration of the other and vice versa.

Treatment of vascular lesions — a sphere of activity specialists Phlebology. But beauticians have significant opportunities to improve the condition of varicose veins with customers and prevent its complications. This and many other tells us Catherine Carenko — leading cosmetician Medical facility on Phlebology.

Stage of the disease and action beautician

Pervaya stage Chronic venous insufficiency — a syndrome of "heavy legs", transient edema, which appears in the evening. Occasionally you may experience nocturnal leg cramps. When these symptoms therapy is limited to conservative methods: compression stockings and venotonics.

When pastosity, swollen legs to good effect lymphatic drainage massage. It operates a complex in two ways: it improves the condition of blood vessels and helps to fight cellulite. Enhance the effect of lymphatic drainage massage will allow cosmetic aroma oils of citrus: orange, grapefruit, lemon. All citrus fruits contain high amounts of vitamin C strengthens the vascular wall.

There is also a nuance that improves the outcome of the procedure: in lymphatic drainage massage to lift the foot department couch. Thus, we increase the outflow of blood from the lower extremities.

The positive effect on the blood vessels also provides cryogenic cooling wrap or plasticizing body masks with menthol, extracts of Butcher's Broom, Horse Chestnut, other components that strengthen the vascular wall. These tools can be found in almost every series of professional cosmetics.

Another way to achieve a good improvement of blood flow and lymphatic drainage, if not above the knee varicose vessels — do Thermowrapping on hip and cool to the shin. Thus created pressure differential operates as a pump, giving a good pumping blood and lymph from the lower extremities.

Patients with chronic venous insufficiency are also shown contrasting procedures, excellent coaching vessels, but the temperature difference should be moderate. If it is customary for the contrasting procedures we select mode hot-cold, in this case — heat-cool since a large temperature difference — it is stressful for the vessels, which in this case is undesirable. In addition, a strong surface warming will expand the network of blood vessels, and then the inevitable complications.

The second stage characterized by persistent edema, the advent of advanced spider veins. Here is a conservative treatment is not enough. It should be referred to a specialist, with the help of special methods of investigation to watch the states of valves of the veins and make a decision about the treatment of more serious means. Very often, just at this stage of the disease the women come to the beautician to "remove" the speakers at the surface of the vessels.

It should be borne in mind that the spider veins that are so concerned about clients typically are the result of varicose veins, and if you do not remove the cause, not a course of treatment of veins, they will appear.

The third stage outwardly manifested trophic ulcers, eczema, increased pigmentation along the vein. Even more serious complications that often come too — bleeding from varicose knots. Only here can help Specialist phlebologist, and a visit to the beautician to be postponed until better times.

How to avoid possible complications

If cosmetologist sees the presence of reticular varicose veins, it is best to recommend the customer to phlebologist. This beautician and insure themselves against some of the errors. After all, with the illiterate actions can be very unpleasant complications. For example, after termoprotsedur, intensive manual or vacuum massage, honey wraps may be new spider veins, swelling, heaviness in the legs skyrocket.

But that's not the worst. Anti-cellulite massage lipolytic, which usually starts with a hard kneading movements almost to the bruises may cause thrombophlebitis. This is a serious complication of varicose veins: the pain is such that it is difficult to step on the foot, redness along the vein, temperature. In this case, you must go straight to the doctor. I do not say that often, but in our practice we were faced with the consequences of such an inept job masseur. The claims in this case, the client will be quite fair.

The medical establishment on Phlebology

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At a meeting with venous pathology basic precepts for beautician — not warm, not hurt, not to manipulate in the affected vessels. Otherwise, you can work with varicose quite calmly carry myostimulation body, do lymph drainage techniques using hardware, but you can not put the electrodes on the area of vascular reticulum.

In carrying out the program for correction, without fear, you can work with an area of the buttocks, with the outer side of the thigh, where often there are so-called "ears". There are no varicose veins, so you can use harsh methods — myostimulation, vacuum massage, Thermowrapping, and along the leg while looping through lymphatic drainage massage.

Most of the beauty industry experts are working on a step without departing from the techniques that they were taught. Maybe it's a bad thing, but in the case of varicose veins on them to be more flexible. For example, instead Thermowrapping, which is necessary under the program to combat cellulite, beauticians can offer the customer a neutral wrap "on film." It combines very well with the hardware lymphatic drainage massage with pnevmomasazhzhera as a boot that fits right over the wraps. Based on my own practice, I can say that after we cleaned prolechivaniya veins residual swelling in the legs for 10 of these procedures, seeking to reduce the amount of hip5-6 see

What can and can not do with varicose veins

At the sight of varicose knots at the feet of the passenger compartment client staff are often lost. Sometimes it is easier to deny a person, you start to work with him. It is not necessary to offend women failures, and the cabin is unprofitable: so he loses a client.

Many believe that the hair removal wax in vascular pathologies should be ruled out. In our opinion, this procedure, though hot, but of short duration: the wax cools quickly on the skin. In addition, it can be done after the cooling pack or, if possible, suggest a client to rinse your feet cool shower.

Usually when phlebological diseases prohibit bath and solarium. I would not be so categorical, and would have said more gently, is not desirable. If a man loves a boy, can not imagine my life without it, then do not prohibit it. But again after a sauna advised to rinse your feet with cool water. You just have to competently carry out the procedure, to reduce it to a minimum of risk.

Also, do not impose a ban on mesotherapy, just need to do it carefully, avoiding the affected area. When venou
s pathologies shown mesotherapeutic drugs that improve lymphatic drainage, commonly used in anti-cellulite treatment, as well as vitamin C, which strengthens the vascular wall of the well. At the same time eutrofiki undesirable because these drugs can cause vasodilation.

Perfect effect at CVI gives mezoozonoterapiya. Input oxygen mixture has a beneficial effect on the vascular wall, improve tissue trophism of saturated oxygen. In addition, ozone — a good lipolitik, it destroys the membranes of fat cells, giving great anti-cellulite effect.

But such procedures as Roller-vacuum and cupping massage, not for people with varicose veins. They can worsen the condition of the vessels. In general, I recommend cosmetologists, before you take a client with a strong reticular varicose veins, edema, impasto on anti-cellulite program, first advise him to see a specialist in diseases of the veins. And just received his report and recommendations, get to work. Thus, it will not influence the effects and the causes of cellulite. And, then, it will work much more effective and to address the problem will take much less time.

In my opinion, phlebologists and cosmetologists must work in tandem and on the problem of vascular webs and stars (teleangeoektazy). They each have their own ways to help the patient. For example, phlebologist can make a complete diagnosis of blood vessels, a course of treatment of varicose veins, and then pass on the responsibility in the hands of a beautician who will continue treatment after spending a course of rehabilitation procedures, and armed with advice phlebologist will conduct coagulation disorders affected surface vessels.

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