Varices exacerbated by summer

For varicose veins is no seasonality — it manifests itself in all seasons. But in the summer of varicose veins and leg swelling is becoming a serious problem.

In the summer of varicose veins gives the greatest number of complications, making pay more attention to your feet and overall health: summer heat itself lowers the tone of veins, not hiding pictures vein of "stars."

Many have to hide your feet under a long clothes to hide varicose veins. Moreover, the hotter the greater the load on the venous system, which is not conducive to good health.

If you find that your feet get tired or stronger swell, consult your doctor phlebologist. In the modern diagnostic equipment doctor will check the condition of both superficial and deep veins. According to a survey phlebologist select a method of treatment. The main thing is not to start a disease! In the early stages of treatment of varicose veins without surgery is carried out quickly and painlessly. Different types of sclerotherapy, laser technology allows not only achieve high therapeutic result, but resistant cosmetic effect.

In the clinic, "Phlebology Centre" operates year 10% discount on all treatments.

"Center of Phlebology" — a specialized clinic for the treatment of venous disease at the federal level

In a release. Tips from our doctors Phlebology.

  • Spend your vacation on the river bank or in the sea. In the morning and in the evening when it is not too hot, walk barefoot on the grass, sand, gravel, edge of the surf.
  • Do not abuse the tan and spend more time in the shade: heat acts on the veins destructive ultraviolet rays reduce the elasticity of the tissues and venous walls and golden tan will not be able to mask the blue capillary net.
  • Daily treat the foot, shin and thigh means, reinforcing the tone of veins and their resistance to the adverse effects — toning gel, spray or cream for the feet, you can pick up at the pharmacy without a prescription.
  • Use a douche for the feet.

Tips for air travel

  • In economy class ranks near the pass, where it is possible to stretch my legs.
  • Try every half-hour warm up your feet and change their position.
  • Wear comfortable loose shoes without heels.
  • Try not to fall asleep in an awkward position
  • Drink plenty of fluids (water, juice, tea with lemon)
  • Aspirin before flying helps avoid blood clots.

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There are contraindications.  Should consult a specialist.

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