Varicocele and male infertility

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Pampinocele— Is one of the most common diseases in the male population and is diagnosed in10-15% Of all men. And, if you take all the men with infertility, the varicocele is detected in 40% of them. Moreover, if separately select a group of men with so-called secondary infertility (ie, those men from previously pregnant women, but who are currently unable to father), we find that pampinocele occurs in 80% of men. Since infertility in30-40% Of cases is a male, and 20% mixed, to examine both the partners.

Infertility — is the lack of conception within 1 year of regular sexual intercourse without the use of any contraceptive method.


Infertility in men with varicocele, developed for the following reasons.

Through the veins of the scrotum blood flowing from the testicle and surrounding tissues to the heart. When this blood flows upwards against gravity. Normally, the backflow of blood through the veins of a special valve system prevents venous wall. Varicose veins, the valves do not work, causing the blood in the vein starts to make so-called "pendulum motion". As a result, blood flow suffers a whole egg. Venous network around the testicle becomes more and more, and in distinct cases testicle turns out to be immersed in the sponge from the veins. Such blood "cushion" around the veins of eggs leads to the fact that it is no longer cooled.

It is known that sperm production requires lower temperatures — between 32,5 ° and 34,5 ° C, which means that the varicocele sperm formation ceases.

Furthermore, because of features of testicular tissues in varicocele it can develop a so-called aseptic autoimmune inflammation, depressing spermatogenesis. That is why the varicocele is one of the main factors of male infertility.

What is shown?

In itself, the varicose veins of the spermatic cord is a big problem, the patient's life is not threatened, and with it you can safely go through life without much worry. The problem is the main complication of this disease — male infertility, so the doctor more often than patients treated exactly for infertility.


For the diagnosis of infertility is necessary to analyze eyakulyata.U 65-75% Of men withpampinocele significantly reduced sperm count and motility.


Treatment of male infertility associated with the development of varicocele should start by removing the cause. ie varicocele. As a general rule, apply surgical methods of treatment.

Typically, after varicocele repair in31-90% Of the cases restored to normal spermatogenesis, significantly improves the quality of sperm. According to some foreign authors among 986 patients over 12 years of follow-up after surgical treatment of varicocele, sperm counts have improved in 70% of cases, in 53% of cases, the wives of these patients became pregnant.



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