Versus-missile defense agreement consolidated

Present at the ceremony in the office of the prime minister of Poland and South American senior Polish politicians and diplomats welcomed the signing of an agreement with applause.
In his speech, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice named Warsaw one of the best allies of Washington and noted that South American anti-missile shield is created only for protection.
Rice: "The missile defense system, of course, is not directed against anyone. We do it for the sake of their safety. "
Meanwhile, Prime Minister Donald Tusk said that the agreement between the U.S. and Poland anticipates fundamental for strategic cooperation of both countries.
Tusk: "The United States pledged to guarantee the security of Poland and U.S. facilities, which are on the Polish countryside. Poland and the United States will respond to the combined military and non-military threat from third countries. Strategic partnership will strengthen Poland’s security and the U.S.. "
Under the agreement between Poland and the United States on the Polish countryside will be located 10 antybalistychnyh American missiles to destroy nuclear bombs, released toward the United States.
Apart from this, the South American side will give Poland rocket launchers "Patriot" and will help to modernize the Polish army.
Military expert, last vitseministar Polish Defense Gen. Stanislav Kozel South American system considers useful for Poland.
Kozel: "Missile defense, we want this or not — it is a necessity, a response to the dangers that appeared in the world after the war cool."
Meanwhile representatives antimilitarist organizations including Maciej Vecharkovski on the initiative of the "Stop the war", protested against the signing of the agreement between Poland and the United States.
Vecharkovski: "I urge the Polish government to support peace initiatives and disarmament. This is more important than supporting the arms race."
Noteworthy that according placed now in Gazeta Wyborcza to a survey for the accommodation of the South American shield on Polish terrain acts as never many Poles — 63% and 65% of Poles are increasingly insecure state consider Russia.
"The situation in Georgia has clearly shown that Actually without the help of others we can not defend. Poles have seen with our eyes, that the alliance with the United States can be useful … Meanwhile Our homeland indicates the strength where it is not necessary, and therefore losing the sight of people even more so in such impressive state such things as Poland "- said political analyst Jacek Nowicki.

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