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Recently, pregnant women are more likely to occur with a term such as vertical birth. What is this — the latest invention of modern obstetrics, the fashion for unusual delivery or disposal of savinggeneric Pain?

The historical aspect

Vertical birth has long been considered the most comfortable. For example, in Central Africa woman went into the forest, where the trees she put a pole holding a woman in labor who is sitting down, then got up themselves births were squatting. Indian woman gave birth, hanging on the vines or branches of trees. Persians intime labor relied hands on bricks — this pose facilitated attempts and provide them with security. In Russia midwife steamed pregnant women in the baths and forced to walk, and gave birth to a woman hanging by the neck in men.

But in the XVII century, Louis XIV broke the centuries-old tradition. So during childbirth a woman for the first time put on the back, the better to observe the process. Since in modern obstetrics strong stereotype that birth mothers require that we stay in bed.

The advantages of vertical childbirth

However, the position at which woman lying on his back, unnatural during childbirth process. Give birth to Lying on your back uncomfortable and painful — the uterus presses on the blood vessels running along the spine, because of which disrupted the normal blood flow. Childbirth is slowing down, thereby increasing the likelihood of stimulating and analgesic drugs, which, in turn, affect the health of the child.

When vertical, natural childbirth a woman is able to take a comfortable position, reducing the period of contractions, making them less painful, baby easier to pass through the birth canal, the mother, and she fully retains control of himself:

  • Vertical position stimulates circulation in the uterus as a result baby gets more oxygen.
  • In a standing woman baby moving down more smoothly. Accordingly, the risk of birth trauma to both mother and child. Intime any attempts achieve optimum coordination of the abdominals, back, pelvic floor and all of the skeletal muscles, in addition, a laboring woman helps force of gravity.
  • Because the placenta of a woman in a sitting position is separated quickly reduced physiological blood loss (mean blood loss at "vertical" childbirth is 100-150 mL).
  • Birth canal becomes wider, they are easier to adapt to the size of a head of a child being born and better stretch, reducing the chance of soft tissue ruptures.

The vertical position during delivery is convenient for most women. However, the most important thing — that's how much you trust yourself and feel his own body. Therefore, during pregnancy, learn to understand yourself, prepare your body and mind for the coming generations, and be confident.

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