Vicky Frost fate will be the subject of public debate in Italy

With addition time, as the home of the couple Cogoleto Alessandro Giusto and Maria Chiara Bornachin girlfriend refused to give back to Vileika her fate disturbs many Italians. Italian Senate even made a special commission to investigate this option.
The debate is scheduled for February 21 in Milan bank building BPM. The reason for their investigation of the case began Vicki Frost, who held and referred to the tribunal for minors Genoa Belarusian prosecutors. How should the materials investigations, reports the Italian press, the home of a couple forced to lie Cogoleto Belarusian girl. In fact, in relation to Vicky Frost was never used violence and she felt fine in the orphanage. All this the girl said so herself Tipo Belarusian psychologist who cooperated with the investigation.
The Belarusian prosecutor’s investigation did not comment, it is also the fact of transfer materials Italian Justice. Meanwhile representatives of public organizations of Italy had already made some critical statements in this regard.
According to the president of the Association of Public Mobilization Mark Marchetti, you need to carefully check the validity of all evidence. Marchetti Make sure that all it mattersetsya to discredit a married couple from Cogoleto — these people Vick tried to change the parents and make a mistake that hid girlfriend. Marchetti calls for "launch a national mobilization to protect such as Alessandro Giusto and Maria Chiara Bornachin."
In the midst of questions that imply discuss on February 21 in Milan, determine the subsequent "What is needed do so unfortunate orphans were not caused various interstate strife? "How should the last statement of the association" Friends of Children ", the other day celebration of the Belarusian authorities forbade his orphans leaving in Italian families. seems Belarusian kids do not come to Italy again — now for the Easter holidays. It can not throw flegmantichnoy Italian public, are considered "Friends kids." Association calls Genoa tribunal for minors to act first on orphans.
Before the New Year in a telephone conversation with Italian journalist Vika Moroz followed properly answered the question, wherever and with whom she wanted to live.
(Vic) "This is Italy. I always read, that there I wish to live. My brother Sasha own family. I wish to Italy to my mother. "
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