Victims of an explosion receive funds

I recall that during the explosion injured 54 citizens and 40 were hospitalized seventh One of the victims, Lily Miller, to This time continues healing. August 11 she was discharged from the 6th Minsk polyclinics and immediately sent to a rehabilitation center in Aksakovschina.
"I will not bend the knee, the leg absolutely smooth. And I sent here, so here it bent. I walk with a stick, with a straight leg. It’s only just 21 day. I uttered my leg recover after only six months. At six months, I goes, dysfunctional. "
According to the decree, the person which had injuries, will receive more than a thousand dollars. For less severe injuries compensation will be more than 800 dollars, and for the light — just a little more than 300 bucks. Invalids of the first and second degree will pay approximately 6 and a half thousand dollars, and the disabled third-degree half. To obtain funds necessary to apply to the special commission in Minsk city executive committee. Compensation will be paid in September. Investigating authorities must issue a professional conclusion about the severity of injuries.
I said Lily, Alexander Lukashenko signed the decree:
"I have already reported to the clinic that the most languid — it’s only 100 small. This is a nightmare. I’m shocked, and then people are surprised, because they suffered and the people … I Can not incapacitated — with my own foot nowhere. I can not even lift his leg on stage, I have it flat. And if I develop it? I’m shocked. Well, what can you do? wrong with this I do not leg to compensate. A day these procedures. "
Lily revealed that hitherto feels pain in the knee, where the explosion hit the nuts. She underwent three operations, and bend the leg at all until no one gives a completely forecasts. It reads, after rehabilitation promised to diagnose and then you can apply for a disability. Again counts that LukashenkoWCSS compensation is not enough:
"In 1-x, even me, if you make some plastic on the leg, because I have the whole leg is disfigured, the entire length of cut, I uttered, I consulted here for all clinics, these funds are not enough. What I hit things? One things almost 200 bucks. For six months I did not I will work and when incapacity will sit at home — then what is it? Such transfer muchenni. Three times a day I have all fizkabinetah drag force and bending the leg. I lie on a special couch. There’s such a pain — I’m out every day snot and tears. Because they do not bend — this hellish pain. It feels like me again break a bone. "
The Ministry of Labor did not comment on the decree. Press secretary said:
"We did not know in what form will the document. If it was a government decree, we would comment on. And if it is a presidential decree, please contact the press service of the president’s administration. This decree President and funds — from a reserve fund of the president" .
According to human rights Harry Pahanyajla, government for the first time decided to pay compensation to the victims. Their size assume that economically poor country. But the victims, who are unhappy with the size, may apply to the Tribunal. As to what means are taken from the fund, the sovereign Gaddafi said:
"We know that there is such fund. But the sources from which it appears? What’s his size? Who holds the key to this fund? Nobody knows. Well, thank God, the lord’s hands with citizens still get something."

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