Victor Manaev — 50

Himself day of birth famous actor — August 7, but the theater is currently on summer vacation and all the actors on vacation.
On Manaeva to Kupala audience constantly and long walks, and never the actor did not disappoint fans of their own. But fame has not robbed him of sober self-esteem, feelings of not bore reckless happiness:
"Happy the man who lives with conscience of net who do not have opponents who live in harmony between the world and himself. Not all that I have, but I thank God that I lived to be 50 years, and pray that gave more a couple of years, because almost all the necessary time to improve within yourself, get rid of all the fuss. "
About 10 framework of roles played by Victor Manayeu recalls as real close friends:
"Roles — as people. For me they are alive. And dandelion with" Private ", and Nikita Znosak with" Tuteyshyh "and Norman with" Kastsyumera. "Even my current Kryuchkov of" Pinsk gentry "- too expensive. And Santa beggar last play "Simon the Musician" and dear to me. "
But the current theater, views on the jubilee, is often below the discerning modern viewer:
"Often, we reach to our audience in the sense that we offer him nothing. And he is very grateful to our audience, loves us, and it prevents him from time to time be impartial. Objectivity But we need that we do not also slipped from restaurant to the dining room. "
In its own fiftieth anniversary eminent actor dreams of things ordinary and universal:
"Dream to live a perfect day, so there was no malice in the heart. This is what I dream."
And the question of what is expected in the theater at its anniversary party, Honored Artist of Belarus Viktor Manayeu said:
"September 21 will show" Pinsk gentry ", well, later — charters can give."
But that said on the anniversary of Victor Nicholas Manaeva Pinigin — director, whose performances in this actor always plays on stage Kupala theater:
"He — an excellent actor. If the director has such an artist, and we know very long, working together in different performances, I think it — magic.’s Not a man — it’s magic. This is not an artist — it’s magic. It all is that I love artists. C one side — he clown, and with another — an intellectual. He is very timid soul. He — not a man, he — a tool, a very small tool for the director. "

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