Violence — the last argument of incompetence

Man: "Georgia is to blame, Our homeland than. "
Man: "Violence — this is the last argument of incompetence. Our homeland is using the war for regime change, which does not suit Russian control. This, of course. "
Man: "If the Russian military went to some acts — on the same bombing, means were reasons."
Man: "South Ossetia — a part of Georgia. Our homeland is not have the right to enter their troops. Should have been given the mandate of peacekeepers neutral state, for example, Sweden, instead of, that has there specific interests. "
Lady: "Management of Georgia! Was necessary reconcile people. They’re actually — one people. What do they share? "
Man: "Only Georgia. Anyway, she manages America, America — everywhere. Bombards And Our homeland, means must be so."
Man: "I think, Americans are guilty. NATO is not passed, then they all the same climb. Other methods to try — from the inside. In Russia, too, have the nerves — how much you can tolerate? "
Man: "Here all the fault lies with Russia. It can not in any way accept the fact that Georgia and other adjacent countries are going to join NATO."
Man: "I think both sides are guilty — Georgia and Ossetia. And Our homeland support those who are more inclined to her side."
Man: "Who first started? Georgia attacked Ossetia on! And peacekeeping forces was necessary touch ".
Man: "Our homeland is not willing to lose to Georgia, as it is — the Caucasus. Russians give asetynam citizenship. Georgian side, in turn, does not want to lose their views. South Ossetia — is inside Georgia. As we, in Azerbaijan, Nagorno Karabakh conflict . "
Man: "Excuse Saakashvili. This is not done — to bombard the town, village. At war — voyuy where your territory. And he specifically that expels people, that later populate his. I understand. "
Man: "I guess the government of Georgia povinet. They were the first to asetyntsav attacked. Those wishing to secede. "
Lady: "That do not even know the enormous political favorites. After all, prick each other. Everything! "

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