Vitamins: Pros and Cons

Haematologist Alexander Scriabin convinced that first need healthy meals equilibrium. All necessary for the body, vitamins, minerals, one should get with the freshest, wholesome, untainted products.
Scriabin: "In the reference person must make himself such a diet in which, presumably, all have the right to normal life. When this is unrealistic (for example, in the army, in a submarine, where you can not always deliver the freshest products) — in the case of these supplements are needed to including and vitamins. "
Pedyyatarka Anna Osmolovskaya prytramlivaetstsa such thoughts:
Osmolovskaya: "Unfortunately, we can not our country provide for themselves the level of the food itself, so there was present all the necessary daily dose of appropriate vitamins and minerals. Because I think and believe so many other doctors, you must additionally from time to time to take. "
Vitamins needed unhealthy
This worldview doctor regarding a healthy body. It is clear that certain vitamins defect leads to diseases and disorders. The most traditional example — scurvy, vitamin C deficit With a lack of vitamin A is suffering immune system, vision. Here that reads doctor gematolyag Alexander Scriabin.
Scriabin: "There is, for example, as certain vitamins and pharmaceuticals. For example, vitamin B in a certain dosage recommended for the treatment of diseases of the nervous system. But vitamins for a healthy person who can allow themselves to eat right — I believe it is not necessary. It is as though what honey product, and even written on the packaging of vitamins that can be burdening, allergic reaction and so on . "
Pedyyatarka Anna Osmolovskaya also states:
Osmolovskaya: "Vitamins are constantly drinking is not necessary. There are certain periods in life, there are certain seasons when to use vitamin supplements. For example, for a healthy body, if not acquired diseases, the periods — twice a year. Usually in the spring and autumn (or the middle of winter.) The everyday body asks additional vitamins if a bit overstated load if there are any diseases that require the necessary vitamins. "
What to do spring?
Of course, that most vitamins in the freshest fruits and vegetables. But whether the vitamins are stored in these products until the spring? Dr. Alexander Scriabin reads:
Scriabin: "seasonal destruction exposed in the main only vitamin C. All year round from us you can buy apples, oranges — it as for vitamin C. All year round you can seek out new products. A as for vitamins A, B — they do not break. "
But most experts believe that specifically at this point, in late winter, the body is depleted. And additionally not hurt, especially children, taking vitamins. We can do without promotion of certain drugs. Here it is better to consult a doctor in person.
Osmolovskaya: "For kids there are vitamins in the drops, powders, for adults it usually vitamin pills. I as a doctor himself and for his own family» and choose separately minerals and vitamins separately, as confirmed by research, that certain minerals may aggravate zasvayalnasts vitamins. "

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