Vitebsk proletarians: Above the blue sea green oak, oak tree on a golden chain: And funny day and NIGHT MODE cat scientist According chain keeps its own circle …

"Belarusian source"
"Belarusian source" on this week 1927 report: "The issuance of those arrested after the fact in the Diet 4 Gath. Months. Already it was clear immediately that the ambassadors will be given, because the issuance was set large majority of the Diet. Indeed voting results were as follows: for issuing Ambassador Tarashkevich 159 votes against 89; Ambassador R. Michael’s for 165, against 83; Ambassador Broom for 166, against 83; Ambassador Voloshin for 165, against 85; Ambassador Golovach for 165, against eighty-fourth of the Belarusians to cope issuing said after Ragulya and Yaremich. "
"Proletarians of Vitebsk"
After 10 years of "Vitebsk proletarians" for a day or one-hundredth anniversary of the death of Pushkin published excerpt from the poem "Ruslan and Lyudmila" in translation Andrei Aleksandrovich:
Above the blue sea green oak, oak on a golden chain: And funny day and NIGHT MODE cat scientist According chain keeps its own circle. Goes to the right — the song starts, on the left — a fairy tale starts. There’s magic in: goblin there wanders mermaid splashing in the water. There on unknown tracks Traces of unprecedented animals hut on chicken legs worth no windows, no doors. Manifestations there full forest, plains, waves roared there pryhlynuts At saves dead, where sand and 30 knights solemnly out of the waves turn transparent, and with them their uncle sea.
"Field" on this week 1957 on the occasion of the 50th room prints appeal to readers: "Many Belarusians afraid to subscribe to" Niva ", fear that the prosecution will be for it. Even some that previously subscribed to it — now disowned the subscribed" Fields. "It’s a shame it! our patriotic duty to stand up for the Belarusian case — for his "Niva." This is the only Belarusian newspaper that knows the best way life of Belarusians, who are more suited to love our brother — Belarusian and stronger which hurt all the concerns and needs of the Belarusians in Poland. "

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