Vladimir Putin: We do not want to harm the current president of Belarus (audio)

Belarusian journalist to question whether to bail out the Federal Government, Vladimir Putin said:

Putin: "Why bail? Necessary work quietly, without feelings towards addressing the issues and those problems that can be solved in the process of benevolent and constructive dialogue. We constantly changing real awareness that we can consider the state union … We do not once heard from the Belarusian administration that the Belarusian side would be impressed by the union of the» Russian standard. Let’s be honest, what is the standard for Russian? Russian Alliance was supertsentralizavanay state. There were some on paper right in Russian republics, but nothing in life itself was not. ‘Cause when we heard this, we uttered: "Let us then be incorporated into the Russian Federation." Immediately whereupon we heard a different position, it must defend the sovereignty. We agree with this. We are ready to go with this method, if the sub objects» union countries will hold a full or partial sovereignty … I then suggested: "Let us by the European Union." "That’s not enough. It is necessary that the union of» was more profound "… We need to find what form would suit us."
According to Putin, the Belarusian side is not satisfied and the model of the standard European Union. Russian President said he wants to continue the construction of the Allied countries and more likely to transition to a single currency. Vladimir Putin hopes that Belarusian partners are able to perceive "the reliability of Russian economy and Russian national currency."
Relative energy conflicts in the CIS area Vladimir Putin said Our homeland that can not endlessly and scale economy fundovat adjacent transit countries — and will run across on market relations.
Putin: "We do it in Myagenkaya mode, quiet, allied style. But we can not do immediately, and in Ukraine, and Belarus — we could not open hostilities on all fronts. And in-2, to be honest, we do not want to harm the current president of Belarus in the past year — due to political events, including the elections. We do not want him to create problems. "
Vladimir Putin said that the transition to market relations Belarusian management informed three years back, and in March last year he was given the offer in writing.
Putin: "By the way, at that time there were no objections. However, until last November, we could not do the dialogue. This is what we have been through it all this happens, because nobody hunting to change the situation. Repeat that we will it mattersTh — and done very carefully. I hope that the film that we get, it is already in the past. "
Asked about the main foreign policy outcomes in 2006, Vladimir Putin said that despite the difficulties, Belarus signed an agreement on transit and on changes in prices — in the long term with access to the market.
Putin: "And that’s the main thing. Even does not matter how many pay now. Basically, what we have recorded in the documents of the stages of transition. Did it gently for 4 years. Fully in a friendly context. Well, of course — maybe it would be desirable and then all that was before. But is it unrealistic. This is unreal … When we different countries. "

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