Vyachorka: In a crisis, Lukashenko will not change behavior

Vecherko: "In this case, Lukashenko confused pronouns. He says" we "and the need to read directly -" I ". Fact, Belarusians and the Europeans have. And the conditions that determined at the moment the European Commission — twelve criterion democratization — this is an environment in which should live and Belarusian people.
Freely choose their own power and replace the one that is not satisfied. Have the freedom to information. Have an open country. Have the freedom of economic initiative.
If Lukashenko these conditions (and they are characterized by internal and Belarusian our civilization) is unacceptable, then he was wrong state. Accounts skeptical of the claim that he’s really in the current crisis and unsafe for our independence, the situation will change their own behavior. "

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