WAR AGAINST SYRIA ALREADY STARTED: Are the Turkish army to the intervention?

WAR AGAINST SYRIA ALREADY STARTED: Are the Turkish army to the intervention?
«Towards the Syrian antiaircraft batteries are oriented South American missiles» Stinger «. These are the titles of the current Turkish newspapers. In the border provinces of Hatay and Mardin, in southeastern Turkey, there has been persistent movement of military equipment.
Star newspaper reported that in the region of Kızıltepe (K? Z? Ltepe) and Nusaybin (Nusaybin), in close proximity to the Syrian border, within 20 4:00 ply military helicopters. In the adjoining province of Şanlıurfa, which has the longest border with Syria, more than two hundred miles, dispersed a large group of armored vehicles, about two hundred tanks, motorized infantry divisions. Military day and night watching the Syrian border, using night vision goggles. Reported constant skirmishes.
Independent columnist for Hurriyet Daily Nihat Ali Ozcan believes that «the war against the adjoining Syria has already begun, although representatives of the Turkish authorities are convinced that is not going to come into open military conflict, and all the acts to concentrate military equipment in the border areas are only defensive in nature. It’s a psychic and information war designed to undermine the regime and demoralize the enemy, a hotbed of tension grows and at some point may be undermined. «
On the threat of military action against Turkey adjoining Syria and military experts warn. «Turkey is not ready for war — says military expert, last retired Major Ali Kartaglu — We have the most disciplined countless efficient army in Europe, curb the latest South American and European instrument. Our military has davneshny experience of fighting in inaccessible mountainous areas, which they received in the course of an armed conflict with Kurdish separatists, who have for many years in south-eastern Turkey are struggling with the Turkish authorities for the establishment of an autonomous country. But our military that long years to play a major role in the Turkish state, were very weak. They have lost their former prestige and lost its former strength. In recent years, published in the press materials that dealt a mortal blow to the morale of the army. All military vertex is under investigation or serving a sentence for a company Enigma komplota to overthrow the current government. From the style of the army as a whole ideologically, successful, influential structure was gone. Business with NATO partners also leave much to be desired. Countries have common agreement on strategic matters of principle, but isolated from the internal political processes. In addition, each country has its own interests. For example, Turkey supports the Muslim population in the Balkans, causing dissatisfaction among Western society. Between military structures observed distrust, competitiveness, lack of coordination. Also keep in mind that Syria is still very strong. Authoritarian Syrian regime can organize secret operations against Turkey and attacks that can fulfill the Kurdish separatists, representatives of religious groups constructive adjacent friendly Iran or left Marxists have closely connection with the Syrian intelligence since the time of the Cool War. Syria is still very strong, although the Syrian army is not so well armed, uses outdated technology and suffers huge loss of personnel. Military deserters flee to Turkey and run across to the opposition. «
Mehmet Ali Birand, writer and creator of a number of books on the history of Turkish democracy, the leading television news programs from believes that «now even the most distant from politics offer citizens strike back (after the Syrian air defense killed our combat aircraft, which, version of the Turkish authorities, did a training flight in international airspace. (later Ankara has denied this version, saying that the Syrian air defense system did not crash a plane — Ed.)). While no one reads the beginning of the military intervention. To begin offering tighten economic sanctions take Syria starvation, shut off the water and light. As you know, the Turkish power supply huge amounts of electricity to large Syrian town, namely, in Aleppo. Turkey also keeps under control the flow of the Euphrates, the main artery aqua Arab States. Turkey calls itself the closest friend of the Syrian people, and how it will look in the eyes of the world community, if the Turkish authorities to take away something that gives people’s lives? But such questions, ask now in Turkey is not so little people. «

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