Warts: Causes and Types.

Warts— Infectious benign tumors of the skin, having a form of nodules or papillae. The disease is caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV). At the moment there are more than one hundred species (types) of HPV, some of them are harmless, others cause warts, others hit the genitourinary organs.

The virus that causes the development of warts, is transmitted by direct contact with an infected person, as well as through the common goods.

Contamination contributes to skin irritation and microtrauma — warts often occur in the course of scratches, cuts, etc. Tight and synthetic shoes can also cause microtrauma (rubbed sore legs), and contribute to the formation of plantar warts. And the appearance of warts after visiting the pool due to the fact that skin easily damaged on concrete ledges and irritated chlorinated water. Lowered immunity and chronic stress also increase the risk of warts.

Types of warts

Warts are usually formed on the face, the skin on the hands and feet, fingernails. Depending on the type of HPV and the clinical manifestations of the disease are three types of warts:

  • Common (vulgar) warts, especially common in children of school age. Until 71% of all cutaneous warts they are. Represent sharply limited, grayish white color, dense, painless, towering above the skin wrinkled hemispherical nodules. Their surface can be covered with papillary growths in the form of a cauliflower. Usually appear on the back of the hands and fingers or on the face. If not treated, will be around a lot of white spots that may eventually turn into brown patches. As a result, the warts can dot all face, becoming a source of serious human experiences.
  • Plantar Warts appear in the field of pressure shoes, especially in humans strongly sweating — they constitute about 34% of the total skin warts. Very dense, horny, gray and dirty Plantar warts are different colors great soreness that prevents walking, and can grows from a small plaque in a few millimeters to a hen's egg.
  • Flat, or youth,Warts mainly affects children and adolescents. Less common (4%). They appear as rounded or irregular flat nodules grayish yellow colors, fast stratum. Affect the most sensitive areas of the arms and legs — the back of hands, between fingers, around and under the nails and skin of the face and neck. Flat warts often occur in the course of scratches and cuts.

Excluding the impact of its cosmetic growth, warts are not particularly concerned about the ill. The exception to this rule is the option when wart growing under the nail, causing constant pain, and plantar warts.

Skin lesions Warts easy to grow. This may occur if they are located in areas that are often traumatized — for example, when shaving.

Diagnoses the disease and prescribes treatment dermatologist.

Today, there are quite a few methods of removing warts. The most commonly used for this purpose cryotherapy, laser and electrocautery.

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