What kind of stability can be read when the economy will collapse?

A topic that is not dominated by one week in our mail — the consequences of the Belarusian-Russian energy conflict. Students talk about the causes of the January events, express their attitude to him, trying to see into the future.
Our friend Ilya davneshny Kopil from Minsk new letter on "Freedom" begins with a story about heard and seen about the Belarusian-Russian conflict and the Belarusian economy in municipal channels. He writes:
"You hear about the rise of our economy, stability and special, is the surest way of development — Belarusian path with which should take an example not only to CIS countries, and the whole of Europe. Once told about how bad people live in adjacent countries.
But in reality? Our homeland as increased prices for gas and oil (in this case, Belarus they remained significantly below market), the Belarusian administration was howling: "Save this economic collapse of the country!" So what kind of stability can be read, if unimportant in comparison with other countries is due to the country’s economy to collapse? And then the government is going to build nuclear power plants, the construction of which requires more funding?
I have not heard that in the Baltic States appeared disputes with Russia on gas and oil. This means that their economy is more measured. Adequately met by an increase in fuel prices and Moldova. Only ignorant Belarusian management raised a storm in a teacup. "
What a great storm, sire Kopil, so eventually lower prices. Remember that number sounded "Gazprom" and the Russian government before the propaganda noise and what numbers were eventually recorded in contracts! Initial requirements of in the end were reduced over twice in favor of Belarus.
Screams, hysteria and blackmail were kanversavanyya in real material and financial resources. And it was obmyslennoy strategy Minsk. The Kremlin is obliged to reckon with the idea of public own country, a significant part of Russian society sympathize Belarusians, and sympathizing with them unwilling to Moscow to offend them just as, for example, Georgians or Moldovans. Minsk is used as I could.
In addition, lightning and searched for public presentation within the country. If after a while so called "Belarusian magic" completed and people will feel it in his pocket — will not have very long to convince them that the blame for this, of course, not the local authority, and heartless Kremlin administration, which has changed the standards of Slavic brotherhood and allied countries.
Created subsequent letters from the village of Victor Makarevich Nyarovy Volozhin district:
"As before listening to the transmission of" Freedom ", associating them with the official propaganda and the realities of life. As before, almost all of us with the truth of life is silent. And, of course, in vain. We might have to move too far in the construction of the legal and as read Lukashenko himself, "socially targeted" countries. Yes, just like that Lukashenko himself is an impediment to this case.
One of the latest news, which is very intrigued me — the threat of eviction from the office of the Belarusian Helsinki Committee. In fact, it is an attempt to remove it. Obviously, such intentions to the civilized world did not approximate. Yes, and this is the BHC could put it mildly, to work better. "
As an example, Victor Makarevich describes his contacts with representatives of the Belarusian Helsinki Committee, the fruits of which he was not satisfied: a consultation with a psychiatrist, had pitched for it BHC, according to the listener, was barren. Heavily rely on the sovereign Makarevich, that human rights will be able to assist all that are oppressed and not pleased with the actions of the authorities. Especially since, which is not always right and those who consider themselves wronged.
It should also be recalled that in recent years the Belarusian Helsinki Committee had to work hard in the criteria of pressure from the authorities. Last conflict around tenancy general could lead to the liquidation of the BHC. Exclusively at the last moment the authorities agreed to rescind its decision and continued to lease contract. Noteworthy that left it on the background of deteriorating relations with Russia and President Lukashenko’s statements about the ability of dialogue with the West.
Our listener Vyacheslav Suharebski village of Ruthenians Baranovichi district in their own brand new letter continues to talk about the fate and future of the Belarusian village agrotowns begun on a few weeks back. Let me remind you, in its own report last emperor Suharebski expressed the view that the village can not save agrotowns (listener believes that collective mutation), but only private farms that would merge into small (three or four families) cooperatives.
In a brand new letter Vyacheslav Suharebski writes:
"Construction of agricultural towns — is sinful and unpromising binding collective farm system, which will not stand the competition during the energy crisis and will only drag the country into poverty. This course is now. Kolhoznaya system only destroys the country, once a year, reducing the population to 50 thousand people.
As for the peasant communities of three or four farms, then in order to avoid those problems, which you, sire Zhdanko says they should not have nearby bad roads and power lines, which is quite in Belarus. In this case, and drop off kids to school and go to the store it will be easy. By the way, bringing up kids to school even now.
I do not need anyone to move from cities to remote area. Many experts at agriculture, who are tired of being prygonnikami collective farms, with pleasure will become independent hosts. Such examples, by the way, is already in Baranovichi district. "
Next in own writing Vyacheslav Suharebski draws attention to the current Belarusian reality. He writes:
"Why do people choke radionuclides in the Chernobyl zone, growing food poisoned and losing big folk remedies referred to as" dirty land reclamation? "People with pleasure are the masters of net on the ground. Was also already in our history, when the call went Stolypin already in Siberia, and even in America. Some townspeople in Poland at the moment, too, are moving to the village. I think there are in Belarus.
Assignment of human settlement in the small settlements — this rise of large families, and with it the growth of the population of Belarus. Only countless Belarusian community will make a prosperous village and Belarus Belarus. This path is very long, but the other basically does not exist. "
In the current criteria difficult to argue that a certain way of salvation of the village — the only true and all other sinful and blind. In Eastern Belarus lost land owner eighty years ago (in the West — 20 years later.) Born, grew up and matured to become pensioners several generations of people who do not know what his own land and work on it. And now back on a century back and start all over at first impossible, sire Suharebski.
So, at the end of XIX century and early twentieth hundreds and thousands of peasant families from overpopulated villages Eastern Europe today were willing to develop vacant land or in Siberia, then an escape to the West America. They fled from bezzyamellya, poverty and hunger.
But where now those young rural family dream own life beheld a large piece of their land? Economic conditions in the world today have become completely different. Heritage and success now is not those who have a lot of land, and those who have oil wells and copper mines, managerial positions at Western successful enterprises and banks, or at least a little personal trading and brokerage firm.
Belarus must grope your own way of salvation village using different methods and ways eksperymentuyuchy and analyzing test results. Let there together and compete on an equal
footing and the farm, and the individual peasant farmer, and a small cooperative of three or four farms. And it shall be for those who justify their effectiveness. Fundamentally just to the government until all of them are equally treated, and not because at the moment when some students get a cheap multibillion subsidies and resources, while others — only got lost ground so bureaucratic nitpicking.
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