What leads people to renounce from pets?

The room in which are enclosures with adult dogs with longish hair, resembles a large greenhouses — for As the last, there such as triangular glass roof and walls with windows bolshennymi greenish color. But the air temperature is not much different from that on the street — now funny day in Minsk was eight degrees below zero. In the coming days expect more frost. In a bowl of water to drink instead — snow. He absolutely does not melt. In general, dogs are constantly bustling open-air cages for sonorous bark. Their recently fed — at the entrance, I saw a large package feed "Chapi".
My guide in this tour — Master Animal Care Natalia Malashkevich.
Natalia: "There are conditions in principle, I would have said, good. Feed up them well. And cook it and clean up after them, and the treatment is not bad, and people are more excellent."
After 5 days, they are euthanized
Almost every employee has their own point of pets. Many took the cats and dogs in particular here.
In a heated room with a point live rather short haired dogs, puppies, cats and kittens as well. Natalya enter the room, where there are cells with adult cats. In the corner of one of the cells and sits majestic shaggy reddish cat. Litsezrev us, he outright lies on its side, a symbol of welcome starts rolling on the floor and allows the cells slightly scratched his ear.
Natalia: "Cat home. When I brought it youth and says: "We had a child, we want to give the cat." Cat one year, the cat is excellent, no problems with it will not be. But his desire to give. I say, "Do you understand what will happen to him?" "Yes, I know. "
This cat "peratrymany", his life in danger. The tenure of the animals on Gursky, 42 — 5 days. If the old or the new owners did not respond, the dog or cat euthanized — such a rule. In general, if there are empty cages and cells, and animal young and healthy, trying to hold her still little. Because hope u handsome tan while there.
In other no chance of survival not from the beginning, says Natalia.
Natalia: "Yesterday brought the dog. Bitch pregnant. And they took and gave her well. Dog is completely healthy. Why do not they want to continue to keep it — is unclear. But a dog that no one will."
Bring here, so as not to destroy themselves
The premises for the young are sitting in separate cells of entire broods of kittens and puppies. The hosts did not dare to destroy them yourself, so bring in the item to Gursky. Translate to municipal office responsible for the death of the former pet many feel more comfortable method than to find him a new home. Well, what the cat or dog is experiencing a place to the same emotional stress, so there a lot of other animals, not enough people are interested.
Natalia: "Some still have got a habit of leading animal here, leave, for example, for 5 days, and later taken away. As if this hotel. Well there are some comrades. Paid 10200. And that is very comfortable."
In January the owners found the 65 dogs and 49 cats. When I was leaving, I meet just Guest walked accompanied by collaborators point — a man came to take for himself a dog.

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