What lies behind a great name …

The other day, slipped information as follows:
… The opposition coalition "For Russia without arbitrariness and corruption" intends to establish his own party at the congress, scheduled for December 13 … to create a party will be known as "The Party of People's Freedom» … http://lenta.ru/news/2010/10/09/ party /
Gave birth to a stillborn child of the leaders of the coalition with a great name FOR RUSSIA WITHOUT arbitrariness and corruption! Now peremoem-ka them bones:
Mikhail Kasyanov — Former Prime Minister of the Russian Federation.
Figure number 1 in the Government of the country. The highest step in solving any problems. Clearly, in the Table of Ranks former Prime tops. And for good reason. Since 1995 for Mikhail Kasyanov, the Ministry of Finance, banks and commercial organizations train is nicknamed "Misha Two Percent". Working with government and commercial debts Russia, he took with the interested party of 2% of the total amount of the signed document. A prepared and lobbied Kasyanov than one hundred papers, which featured the amount of up to one billion dollars. According to the latest information from the environment of the former Prime Minister, Mikhail Mikhailovich before retirement, a new nickname — "Misha five percent." It reflected the situation on the eve of retirement. http://compromat.ru/page_14788.htm

Vladimir Ryzhkov — Former Deputy of the State Duma of the 1, 2, 3, 4 convocations.
In December 1999 he was again held in the State Duma of the single-seat constituency in Barnaul. In past elections, again is mandated. Voters like chubby liberal, which is not surprising: it formulates a good idea popular with the people, criticizing the government (for example, the monetization of benefits), while his corrupt activities do not become public — all limited to rumors. Well, working with a budget. Well, lobbies zakonchiki. So what's the big deal? Greed like no different. Works part-time in some structures, for example, in the "Federation of Internet Education" unforgettable philanthropist Khodorkovsky. Hanging out at the Davos forum. All clear … http://www.compromat.ru/page_16307.htm
Active lobbyist and essno not a "thank you." By the way, you can see about V. Ryzhkov here: http://www.lobbying.ru/

Boris Nemtsov — Former Deputy Prime Minister of Russia (1997-1998g.g.), Former Minister of Fuel and Energy of Russia (1997)
About the most Nemtsov can clearly say that it is not only practically takes bribes, and from criminals, but even this does not hesitate. That is how many interpret as shown by the Nizhny Novgorod regional television case where the landlord of the underground gambling houses, the "entrepreneur" Andrew Clemente (nicknamed "The Pimple") handed Nemtsov million rubles (then a large sum) ostensibly as a prize for winning a tennis match. Clementi himself later claimed in court: "I lure NEMTSOV."
The Germans and Clementi were "friends" in his student years, when they are together earned through fraud in card games. They went at each other's weddings. Families were friends ("Top Secret» — № 5, 1997). Wife Klementevo worked as a secretary Governor Nemcova. After prison Klementevo (in 1982 he was convicted and served several years in the criminal case), their cooperation has been strengthened, but in the end a possible "guarantor of the Constitution of the Russian Federation" was actually paid agent KLEMENEEVA grown rich, who, after the prison was interested in politics.
Nemtsov is enriched not only by the machinations related to the field, where he was governor, since it should "share" and for what he is doing at the federal level. This was reflected in the payment of the fee Nemtsov for his little-known book, "Provincial". It is unlikely that it will be of great interest, for example, in Germany, but there for its publication Nemtsov promised 170 thousand marks. Publishing ", which has taken on the publication of the book NEMTSOV in Russian, was so" good "that he paid for each copy of an amount that exceeds the purchase price of the book (" Sov.Rossiya "- July 12, 1997). Journalists lawfully put question — "Why?" Deputy Prime Minister pay hundreds of thousands of dollars and marks in the publication of his book ("Novaya Gazeta" — August 11, 1997) http://aries2200.ya.ru/replies.xml?item_no=5649

Vladimir Milov — Former Deputy Minister of Energy of Russia in May and October 2002.
In 1997-2002 he worked in the federal bodies of executive power, for 5 years starting as a leading specialist of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to Deputy Minister of Energy. He was one of the main developers of Russian energy reforms designed to improve the efficiency of the energy sector of the country. Ie, this gentleman was one of the authors of the reform of RAO UES …
One of the most mysterious cases occurred to him at the U.S. Embassy in Russia, where he was invited to a meeting with Condoleezza Rice and Pentagon chief, Robert Gates. The strange thing is that the guest lists were compiled by the U.S. Embassy. By the way to the meeting were also invited Fishman known throughout the country as a member of the opposition, who loves to smell "glucose" and Vladimir Ryzhkov, Milov current colleague. Strange, but then they were not members of the opposition and held posts in the civil service, apart from Fishman. Yes, but do not you think it strange but natural that after this meeting appeared in the Russian opposition forces, such as "Solidarity» … http://community.livejour…m/ru_kremlin/3452074.html
Active lobbyist and essno not a "thank you." By the way, you can see here on Milov: http://www.lobbying.ru/

In short, bespredelschik and corrupt officials argue for "Russia without arbitrariness and corruption" …
You hypocrites!

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