What prezenty get out of the tent Belarus Gaddafi?

A three-day official visit to Libya Muammar Gaddafi favorite in Belarus. That connects the two countries voedinyzhdy? How important affairs of Belarus and Libya in the context of relations between Minsk and the West and Russia? Which specific results can be expected from cooperation between states with 2?
Participants: doctoral student registered in Lithuania Euro Humanities Institute Sergey Bogdan and editor of the analytical bulletin "Belarusian Week" Alexander Klaskouski.
That connects the two countries voedinyzhdy?

Valery Karbalevich"Lukashenko’s visit to Libya in 2000 was malaplennym. Trade between the countries small. Credit which has pledged Tipo Libya, Belarus has not received.
But here’s the first visit of Libyan Muammar Gaddafi favorite in Minsk Belarusian side has paid great attention. Lukashenko personally met Gaddafi at the airport. Heads of State met four times: at first alone, and later held talks delegations, and in the evening Mon — reception in honor of the Arab guest. Hard to even remember which still manage zabugornye Lukashenko led such rich conversations. That connects the two countries voedinyzhdy, 2-favorites: kinship regimes West confrontation ("unipolar world," according to Lukashenko), or something else? "
Sergey Bogdan"Such great attention to Gaddafi associated with known ekstravagantnastsyu Libyan leader. Further ado, he would not realize.
Two modes connects voedinyzhdy certain adstaronenasts from the mainstream of world politics. Belarusian management not talking about ideology. After the Belarusian regime — opportunistic. Yesterday in Minsk says "brother Chavez", now they say "Brother Gaddafi", and tomorrow we will read the same European politician. Friends with those with whom you can. After all, not a huge selection. "

Against Belarus and Libya with the West

Klaskouski"Both modes voedinyzhdy tradition connects West confrontation. Though soon exchanged this trend.

A huge number of ritual activities explained by the fact that something was necessary to fill a day or three Gaddafi stay in Minsk. After a pause between visits Libyan control in Russia and Ukraine.
The signed document is not impressive. This interdepartmental agreements which could sign and lower-ranking bureaucrats.
Anti-Western rhetoric during negotiations present but zmikshavanaya. Criticized the idea of a unipolar world, but without specifying and somehow lazy. Indeed, the situation has changed. Earlier Belarusian and Libyan regimes had a reputation for rogue dictatorships and were in a state of confrontation with the West. And now Gaddafi and Lukashenko try to restore business with the West. And tease the geese do not have to. "
Bogdan"Libya has a fascinating experience for Belarus to normalize relations with the West without internal changes in the state, the experience of opening the country without its opening. Gaddafi had a tense business with the West than Belarus. But he managed to recover them, get rid of the control tabs, which supports international terrorism, and with all this to save power. And this particular issue for Lukashenko more exciting. "
Relations with Libya can blackmail the West and Russia?
Karbalevich"Foreign media reports that Gaddafi’s invitation to be seen in terms of positioning Minsk regarding the West and Russia. Hitherto Lukashenko sought to blackmail Russia’s own friendship with the West, the West — friendship with Russia. And now you can experience both pashantazhavats own friendship with the countries of the third world. How important is this nuance of cooperation between Belarus and Libya? "
Klaskouski"I think this show is not right. This inertia such stereotypes. For example, Gaddafi arrived from Moscow, in Libya tight affairs with Russia, she buys a gun there," Gazprom "greatly based on Libyan oil fields. Minsk Because funny scare Kremlin cooperation with Gaddafi.
And for the West Gaddafi no longer such a stimulus, as previously. Libyan favorite already put your own tent in Brussels and Paris. And Lukashenka only expects such ability is proud of its diplomatic breakthrough in Europe. Because of blackmail are not talking.

Is the Libyan experience for Belarus?

Klaskouski"Want to make an objection, the Bogdan on imitation Belarus Libyan experience normalization of relations with the West. What must first undermine liners later pay two million dollars to relatives of the victims? Just to Gaddafi West has a different attitude. From him no one asks democratization Storage of human rights. No "road map" of democratization in order to restore the case, Gaddafi proposed. Indeed the West has to African, Arab slightly different approach to this dilemma. Refused Libyan favorite from the development of chemical weapons, international terrorism support — and thank God.
Plus oil and gas, which many in Libya. Belarus have a saying: "As you have money, then all good." Because if you have oil and gas, you’ll be all good. Double standards in this sense are. "

Bogdan"I also think that about any blackmail are not talking. Regard to the relevance of the Libyan experience for Belarus. For Lukashenko regime fundamentally, that rapprochement with Europe did not look capitulation. Agree that associate the Lukashenko regime and Gaddafi’s impossible. But just Belarusian ruler and maintained that to change this paradigm to bring the West, Belarus — not Western Europe, her own way. "

What specific results of the collaboration?

Karbalevich"Experts have previously sent note that although Lukashenko finds friends in the midst of rogue states, but seeks to make friends with prosperous countries. For example, North Korea is not friendly, so how people die of hunger. And friends of Belarus became rich with petrodollars Venesuela , Iran, the Arab countries of the Persian Gulf. And now Libya. So maybe this is the meaning of saturated gratification Gaddafi is so and he just behind Chavez and Ahmadinezhadam, gave Belarus to develop oil well. Or put 2 billion dollars, taking from own huge tent? "
Klaskouski"As for the loan there is a big question.’s Our homeland was obliged to forgive 4 billion bucks Russian debt. This indicates that, for sure, in Libya is not so little money.
I see three areas of cooperation. First, this cooperation in the international arena, for example, in the Non-Aligned Movement. Second sphere — energy. However, Libyan deposits saddled "Gazprom".
Third sphere — military-technical cooperation. Gaddafi interested Expertise on air defense (AD). Indeed, during the bitter conflict with the West, Libya were U.S. air raids, bombed Gaddafi’s residence. Because just in case the Libyan favorite wants to have a reliable defense system. In the Military Academy of Belarus Libyan students learn — you can imagine on this particular profile. A rhetoric of "multipolar world" — is ordinary side dish suitable for Belarus’ relations with third countries.

A lot of rhetoric, not a lot of results

Bogdan"During meetings with Lukashenko favorites Third World sounds a lot of rhetoric. Belarusian leader’s claims that we are waiting we Libyan professionals. Difficult to imagine in what area Libyan spices can provide for us though any enthusiasm.
Our enthusiasm to Libya is k
nown, this means. But even from Iran, with whom we closely affairs, failed to get financial support, which was calculated. And in Libya is still broken, than in Iran.
I think the enthusiasm of Libya to us is to assist in the maintenance, repair, modernization of the former Russian art. Deal with Libya for us more insecure in terms of staying there our people. Example of Bulgarian nurses who were in the Libyan bullpen, revealing. There’s an idea of the rule of law is very conditional. "
Klaskouski"Gaddafi invited Lukashenko to visit Libya on a visit. Belarusian TV and indicates how saturated international management is living in Belarus."
Karbalevich"Lukashenko taking this invitation and noted that he would like to come back with some specific fruits. Other words this remark suggests that there are certain difficulties in the implementation of agreements between the favorites."

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