What worries the KGB to the funeral of the deceased?

In it, they need to register their community and complain about the pressure from the local KGB.
Orthodox with Różan whose signatures are under appeal to Alexander Lukashenko, explain that it is specifically an open letter, the text of which they are going to print media, because past statements and complaints did not help. Hayduk says Olga, who also signed the Appeal:
"We ask that we booked our community. As the law according to the Constitution. We will pay the tax, choose the priest shall pray. But they do not like and neither for nor against. We also wrote to the regional center in Pruzany in the region in Presidential administration. There did not even answer. "
The reason for more than one letter was an incident that happened on July 23 Ruzhanskaya cemetery. There father John otpeli believer, who bequeathed, so her funeral was not the local priest of the Russian Orthodox Church, on which part of the believers, including deceased, were very offended. Meanwhile Father John colleagues from the church priest said invalid, since it belongs to the Russian zabugornoy Orthodox Church. According to relatives of the deceased to the cemetery of the village council chairman of the local Leonid Moskalevich rebuked fly with his father John. Father John knows Grudnitskii:
"Bureaucrat showed relatives of the deceased prescription signed by the head of the KGB Pruzany region that prohibited the funeral of the late John protayareem Grudnitskii. Relatives But they rebelled. Asked what kind of case the KGB to the funeral of the deceased and to the church in general? Bureaucrat shrugged and said that it was not his initiative" .
I phoned to the village chairman and asked him about his idea of the incident. Leonid Moskalevich denied reports that the events involved in the cemetery of the KGB:
"I was given an order from the Executive Committee to assure that this was started. We made the act. Grudnitskii signed. I handed it to the executive committee, and all."
I Moskalevich emperor said that believers have the right invite to church services anyone. Chairman of the village said, he did not know whether the end is made with the help of a fine or other act of punishment priest.
Figure outlook representatives Pruzhany KGB failed.
Orthodox community in Ruzhany split a couple of years reversed. Some of the believers protested the actions of the priest, who was sent from Minsk. Namely, the old believers they say, that the young representatives of the church "very engaged in commerce." "Father John at the funeral does not take money, and those taken by 100 thousand," — said Olga Haiduk me.
As believers are convinced that specifically involved in the local KGB pressure on their community, and therefore in its own open letter to Alexander Lukashenko they devote increased attention to the work of special services.
"Neuzh something the KGB have nothing to do, how to deal with the funeral prepyadstviya Bereaved How we can understand all the security services include, at our expense, the taxpayers. Maybe we should hold a retrenchment in the KGB?" — Write Alexander Lukashenko Różan of Orthodox believers. Tags: Pruzany, Grudnitskii, KGB, ROC

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