Wheelchair reaches return privileges hunger strike

For permission to hold protests on Vladimir Lenin Square Antennal month reversed wrote to the Mogilev City Executive Committee and to this day has no official response. Antennal hunger strike sovereign hopes to achieve justice:
"The country has no statute of limitations. If I’m guilty of it all the same his take. And why should I not seek a country that she did not add me. I owed and get a ticket, and social housing. Let people see that we can stand up for themselves. "
Vladimir Antennal invalid of the first group. From 2002 he was confined to a wheelchair. In 2000, because of his ailing heart initially cut off one leg, and two years later a second.
Vladimir Antennal insulting jokes that he povinet the state only for the fact that he had earned a very huge pension and left legs. By his own disability, he worked electrician 20 two years.
Mogilev defender Boris Buhel, argues that the situation with Vladimir Usikova vysvechvae imperfection Belarusian public law:
"It turns out that the disabled person can not get social housing because it has a pension, exceed the national minimum wage of 100 thousand rubles. A ticket to the resort he can not give, such as health centers for such people, as they say in social services, in Belarus not. In addition, so people need support, and this additional cost, for which the government does not wish to go. Government blind to such dilemmas. She tries to solve their written explanations, but not dialogue with disabilities themselves. "
Do sovereign Usikova pension 370 thousand rubles. It is superior to the subsistence minimum established by the state, 136 thousand.
Vladimir Antennal lives in a two-bedroom apartment with 2 older siblings, grandson and his wife, whom he divorced in fourteen years. Entrance of the house where he lives antennae not adapted for wheelchair users. To get to the elevator itself invalid fashioned folding wood Pantus.
To protests Vladimir Antennal ready long. He ulasnaruch prepared two posters with the words: "Who stole my benefits" and "Shame insidious benefits."
Mogilev about three hundred and fifty guests in wheelchairs. Most such people in the doldrums conditions through their own accommodation.

To get to the elevator itself invalid fashioned folding wood Pantus

To protest Vladimir Antennal ready long. One of the posters

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