When silence — gold

How Our homeland entered the war, many of the Belarusian thinkers saw once again the devil tells fortunes Belarusian ruler who trumps yourself float into his hands. Say, such a confrontation with the West, the Russian Federation was not for the entire post-Soviet period, the value of a single ally soars to heaven, and from it one requires at the moment, what to do Couple gestures allied loyalty and expose pockets.
And he did not. A Foreign Ministry issued a statement, which, clever remarks Andrey Fedorov could give (and passed) NATO Secretary General, they say, sorry to the victims and call for peace. And the point. Well, the Belarusian Foreign Ministry could issue such — about, say, the war between, I do not know, Tanzania and Kenya. And here, it would seem — a big ally, "big brother", the source of all blessings, incidentally, on the other hand — a terrible pro-Western Saakashvili, the leader of "Orange", the famous nursery General Sukharenka dead rat in the end. But — silence. More soft-spoken than words.
About what? Well, about the cards that really emerged, but it is not that what they have seen pochetaemye colleagues, and, so to speak, "nyakozyry" about the threats and dangers that in including Belarus and the war in the Caucasus.
There is a tradition of naming Russian imperialism any steps in relation to its neighbors, who for one reason or another seem to be naughty. And gives a cheap gas — imperialism, and increases the cost — imperialism. Meanwhile with respect to the nearest time, say, Belarus is if it was imperialism, it is very neklyasychnym. Why Alexander Solzhenitsyn in 1990 in his own program article "Rebuilding Russia?" wrote Belarus, Ukraine, northern Kazakhstan (but not all the way) you want to save, and others — won virtually banish from Russia? Say, Azerbaijan, standing in a puddle of oil, Turkmenistan with its gas Baltics with strategic access to the sea — areas more if less valuable. Why, even at the level of principle, the idea, not the practical ability to throw these and those — to expel?
Since the Russian consciousness Belarusians and Ukrainians — not just their own, and that we, Russian, and there are only some weird. Can be very pout such an attitude, but it should be on record that it is — the good from the Russian case, say, Lithuanians or Turkmens, which neither the Russians never considered Russian.
So what about Georgia. Under Russian shells and bombs killed very many are dying songs of Okudzhava, ribbons Danelia, "Hvanchakara", "barge", killed a huge reservoir of Georgian culture, both spiritual and real, which has become an integral part of Russian culture. And do not need, and won. Real, traditional imperialism, and if starts, it specifically at the moment. No brothers, no property is (are) only trophies.
And it Lukashenko realized. When he yelled in 2004 that the gas cut off — "terrorism summit" this rhetoric was actually harmless, this guaranteed the security of the same features of the Russian mass consciousness: well its the same, well, a fight that does not happen. And now you can, and run into. And indeed bring the same. In this particular summit.
If immediately after the war became the official Minsk, along with its ally, it could really give a small and short-term gains. A change in the long term logic, changing vision of the world the Kremlin generated war — a danger Belarus, Lukashenko and including. And understanding this threat sought response from afar.
No wonder a year ago, the official Minsk began stubbornly care to Europe. After the Kremlin logic, the logic of the Russian Federation began to change not yesterday, the war — is, on the one hand, and the jump in this change, and on the other — the result of long-term evolution in this direction. In their attempt to seduce Europe Minsk offered different — first political prisoners, and later, in the near future — election promise to hold them decently acceptable. But suddenly a global schedule really threw Lukashenko trump card product that is very expensive.
In time eminent French political scientist Raymond Aron offered an apt comparison of international policy with monetary system. Statements, negotiations, meetings, all these "we express our deep concern" — it means all credit policy, and it is unclear what is behind them, or it really means or blank paper. Providing this "loan" gold Plenipotentiary policy is power, and this golden hour of reckoning — the war. Unfortunately, no one has canceled this test and here she came. And in this situation, paid (managed, managed, ventured to pay) the true currency West, we litsezreem excellent.
In this case, it is not even in the condemnation of the West. The war in the Caucasus by date coincided with the anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima. There are, unfortunately, such a thing as a bomb. And proschityvaya options for action in Washington and Brussels could not take it into account, could not help but wonder, no matter how cynical and clownish it may sound, it is worth even a small probability of Georgia nuclear Armageddon.
Behavior of the West in this decline was reminded that we live in a world after Hiroshima and that rate if it is about the relationship with Russia, specifically defined it.
Vorachivayas the Belarusian situation, it should be noted that the Russian ambassador and screaming, and the moat Russian press, who baptized Lukashenko "traitor" in a certain sense, played on it became, so to speak, to the explanation of message Lukashenko Washington and Brussels that much and than he paid. And here is superseded Surikov compassion Medvedev and offer humanitarian aid mean in fact strongly enough — well, I which wish.
Democratic, free elections, human rights — these are the things most important. On the one malehankih amendment — if there is no war, if there is still checking these values and speculation. And the war, unfortunately, there is.
If you recall the story, then Lukashenko — an angel in comparison with the former dictator of Romania. But in the Russian invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1968 Bucharest monster was not involved (specifically the question of war), Romania with Israel the only Russian unit broke diplomatic relations does not (again, the question of war and peace) and was Ceausescu if not an ally of the West, but something (and many) for such a position on the West received. At home in Romania, he made continuous fears. Well, it’s bad, well, international society, obviously, and then it strongly condemned and expressed its deep concern. But the war …
By the way, what is currently in Belarus formation of precinct election commissions took considerably less democratic than the previous two-step campaign formation of district committees and the registration of groups can be directly connected with the subject about which we are talking. Paid in gold, what could deduct some papers here.
Or read in Washington and Brussels this message specifically so perceive whether payment Lukashenkava silence? Can take. The war. Really damn practice witchcraft.

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