When you hear the answers from our president to offer the West, you feel that there are no changes in the relations and lately will not be

Ales Chobot, Grodno: "To me the information came from so called reliable sources that on days of President Alexander Lukashenko will sign a piece of paper on which our homeland would have to pay ground rent for all their pipes. This terrible prices and exports to Europe simply does not pay off. If he is in fact sign, Lukashenka started his personal war with Russia. I heard, and then for you to retell. And that in order to do, think for yourself. Just decent. "
Chairman of the Minsk City Association of Victims of Political Repression Lapitsky Alexander: "We can not agree with the manager Stefan Sukharenka state security, that there are no political prisoners. It’s not brand new, sovereign Sukharenka, and in the former Soviet Union republics KGB leaders and government says that they are not political prisoners, but only criminal offenders. Now whole world knows that it was heresy. At the forefront of political prisoners are members of the "Young Front" — a giant who does not know fear in the struggle for the establishment of the country’s freedom and democracy. Political prisoners are all those who are punished for his role in rallies, demonstrations and gatherings of like-minded conduct which was contrary to human rights, common sense and the Constitution. Political prisoner Alexander is my offspring. Freedom to political prisoners! I suggest "The young Front" called in the upcoming "Young Belarusian Democratic Movement."
Constant listener: "I agree with Voitovich, BBC led him a long conversation about the situation with Russia. I agree with him that you can not be sensible because behaves Lukashenko. He’s right. To behave impressive, to be a man. This is not very true. But it strikes me more. In this he is right to behave impressive, no one threatened, and to engage in dialogue and to reach their own goals reasonable method. But I was more striking. If we have with Russia, everything was fine, the opposition says Our homeland that such syakaya Our homeland. Maybe they were right. And at the moment when our management had difficulties with Russia, at the moment they are in Russia. Here is unprincipled, beskhrybetnasts … These people Only seek out conditions where pinch. This is very bad, not impressive. Or take for example the performance. Briton — economist acts? With respect to the country, to other managers. If you get out our opposition "Distinct," a moron unprepared, starts a quarrel some rudeness, some quirks. Behave decently. Good word can destroy a person. Ordinary word. Rake, revealing the essence of what is to be done and why. "
Serfs Sergei, Polotsk: "Not long ago Tatiana Protko performed by" Freedom "or by" radios. "In short, I order you to the" Freedom "to send a letter. Polotsk There rich, customers, stores have, cooperatives, engaged girls, I planted on me all this spihnuli … And nobody touches them, and I Attorney investigator, Colonel, states that "it is not your business. Their wealthy clients, even if they are engaged. Do not poke your nose with your nose in other people’s affairs. "Those are not planted. Protko And Tatiana said, that can do it. More Ales Bialiatski has a photo burns. This is Clinton says what you need international tribunal to serve. We then through the South American embassy. Hunt to Tatiana Protko took it and submit to an international tribunal. Here the problem and work and residence permit, and held various provocations. The police chief of the beginning of the passport: "You there with the boy doing …" and different Shusharah a word, slander. And I’m the one doing the maid sex, it states that shot through the wall or whether kinakamery delivered. In other words it is a compliment to me expressed. Nonsense involved, have registered for two months. And I need to make a new passport, visa, and on the road to leave, get out of the Belarusian citizenship as beneefovets. I have been arrested as anti-Soviet, if the Yankees gave passport when in Afghanistan protested. This is a whole book. I wish that Tatiana Protko took it. "
Bartos, d. Kvasovka: "I am outraged by Lukashenko’s words. He says:" They got a bit less than a knapsack and unhappy. " Tell me, and also gave svinaferme Engineer portfolio? He, like a donkey, working and your "control" Krymka cottage appropriated for themselves and offspring too. You destroyed their words, "a brick cutter and will distribute to the poor, which was robbed." You long have forgotten about us. All the best. "
Lady: "Why Our homeland provokes Belarus on energy conflict? In other words, oil and gas are given by God to all people. And actually this gift enjoy some irresponsible people fill their wallets, by the abundance besyatstsa organizing shameful spree already in France. Means this circle moneybags to despise Putin as president show his weakness and futility. And Putin can dissemble? Kagebisty it can. Maybe he is in cahoots with them and gets its share. Differently. Why raise prices, which cover the pipes? Why disgrace themselves to the world, exposing themselves moody schoolboy unreliable partner? The President as head of state is responsible for all what’s happening country. And taking one or another solution must predict results. President should behave appropriate, respectfully petition for him this people, to work so that all government be rich and not circle any impudent who prey on poverty and human suffering. "
Larissa, Minsk: "When you hear the answers to the proposals of our president of the West, you feel that no progress in the relations and lately will not. And it is very sad. First step may be made, if political prisoners will be released. Well, young people will stop the persecution. But the government is very scared of our youth and law enforcement agencies will not work. For whom, then, to catch? And it has become a habit. This habit will have to abandon because the youth movement is and will be. And we old surviving own age, and they will live and govern. Therefore, one should reconsider its policy to recommend to our government’s commitment to youth. "

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