When you work in a hospital — you can not sign for the candidate?

In Dobrush chief doctor at the local hospital Alla Moskalenko called to account for themselves in nurses and other staff who put his signature for nominating a candidate UCP activist and former high school teacher Vutsevskay Adam Varanets.
Knows the collector of signatures in support of the democratic candidate Dmitry:
"Chief Dr. Alla Moskalenko caused by eight o’clock 6 hospital employees who have signed up for the nomination Varanets Adam — I’ve been collecting these signatures. She urged the staff how well you work with us and sign some papers? Short, gave realize that they more like did. Signatures Tipo not sought to withdraw, made only a preventive treatment. "
But Alexander Nyaberava from Zhlobin, active member of the local group of the UDF parliamentary challenger Valeria Rybchenko, forced to work on the Belarusian Steel Works, writing renounce collected signatures for the opposition candidate.
Sovereign Nyaberava summoned for themselves specific control — section chief of monitors Victor Komissarchik. Referring to the Acting Director General of the plant Victor Matochkin, Komissarchik suggested Alexander write an application for withdrawal from the active group and Valeria Rybchenko abolition of signatures collected.
Recently the sovereign Nyaberav assured in Zhlobin executive committee about fifty signatures.
Valery Rybchenko as a Democratic contender for the deputy’s mandate in Zhlobin constituency number 40 and the last employee BMZ so commented the situation:
"For disk imaging, Matochkin gave an indication of the chief shop Komissarchik, and already he sought from Nyaberava write a statement to the output of my party and the abolition of signatures. Both the executive committee Nyaberav assured signature and called him immediately. Apparently, chairman of the district committee, who is also deputy chairman of the Executive Committee Alexei Sholok when assured signature called the plant ".

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