Who gets out of the amnesty of political prisoners?

In Belarus, the last amnesty was convicted in 2005 year. In Last year about her had a lot of rumors, but premature release never came. As confirmed in the press service Alexander Lukashenko, On February 13, he gave the order to the Minister Interior Vladimir Naumov "amnesty prepare people who have committed serious crimes and less steel to reform." In the ministry of "Freedom" uttered that are already working on the execution order.
Previous referee Harry Pahanyajla recalls usually in Belarus amnesty timed to municipal prazdnichkom. In 2005 it held the other day prazdnichka Victory year ago — funny day before the October Revolution. But partly in accordance with law can take at any time of when the power will come in handy, says Harry Pahanyajla. Human rights activist does not exclude that the amnesty will fall most of the political prisoners.
Pahanyajla: "But just in the preamble of the amnesty law will not be marked, that, behold, they say, due to the demands of the public, we release these and these. Naturally, the authorities will not do. But in practice it can be the fulfillment of certain requirements of Europe, just as if under the guise of amnesty to criminals. "
Harry Pahanyajla convinced Belarusian authorities have never admitted to the bullpen-independent professionals who would determine whether there are political prisoners in the country. I recall specifically, this condition for dialogue with Minsk Europe announced on days of PACE President Rene van der Linden.
Who has a chance of political prisoners in the case of amnesty to be released? Lawyer Alexander defended Galiyev favorite Young Front Zmitser Dashkevich, who was imprisoned for 18 months.
Galiyev: "If take off a year under an amnesty, and six months he had already served, after the adoption of the amnesty law Dashkevich should be released," — said the lawyer Alexander Galiyev. With all this, he recalls that the prison authorities will take into account the behavior of the convicted person. Zmitser Dashkevich colony has already received two penalties.
Human rights activist Valentin Stefanovich as huge about the chances for the release of all political prisoners, not counting Alexander Kozulin.
Stefanovic: "When would be an amnesty, it will be released Finkevich Seviarynets, Statkevich that almost their time is almost departed, and amnesty them completely suck. Sadovskaya Also — the more it will fall under a separate group of convicts: Ladies Incline age. But Kazulin is the problem, because 5.5 years of punishment no amnesty will not repay. Unless it individually Lukashenko have mercy. "
As explained lawyer Igor Rynkevich Kozulin, his client would plead not guilty and reaches not amnesty or parole, and completely cancel the sentence.

According to the Ministry of the Interior, under the amnesty 2005 of over 45 thousand prisoners were released about three thousand, several thousand received shortening. The police do not give a disk imaging how many people among those who prematurely released, again put in jail. Are independent observers believe that in the midst of offenders convicted in Belarus for more than 20%.

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