Who povinet in Russian-Georgian conflict?

Youth: "I think that Georgians blame. They provoked every day and Russia and Abkhazia."
His friend: "I also think that Georgians blame. They did not have to start a conflict with Russia, beating two of their planes. Was necessary to the war. And again the world is the Olympic Games. History is always the case that during the Olympic Games all the wars stopped … "
Man: "I can only judge from the television, that is guilty of Georgians since they first started the conflict. Though South Ossetia nobody recognizes as an independent country. General, there is hard to understand, because too little disk imaging."
Man: "Certainly asetyny guilty. Georgian people — good people. I was in a camp in Kazakhstan together with them and I know."
Woman: "I think that the Russians are right, because they sent peacekeepers there, and the Georgians attacked on them."
Man: "I think that still Georgians blame because they do not want to recognize the independence of another country, and seek to capture their views. And they really annoy hunt Russian Federation."
Man: "Certainly, Georgians blame. You remember how they had previously arrested peacekeepers."
Man: "I think Georgians blame, very principled their president … I think that is what they are guilty."
Man: "It’s very difficult to understand. Question sharp enough, and disk imaging to conclude, a little …"
Youth: "In this conflict to blame Georgia, or rather, those who stand in power there."

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