Why grow rates in Belarusian bars and restaurants?

According to Sergei Sidorsky, you must change the service, knit in the business, so that was a healthy competition, because it lowers the market price.
How quickly grow market prices Minsk public power? This question I asked a staff member of the Minsk cafe "Admiral" Lena:
Lena: "We have not much prices rose. Prices vary. Doing somethingsmiling cheaper, something more. Here vegetables rose, because the winter. A vodka 1,090 rubles per 50 gr: probably the most accessible. "
And indeed, in this cafe prices on food and beverages, compared to other cafes and bars are very moderate. Lena says that 25 thousand rubles enough, that a man could drink and excellent snack.
In adjacent to the "Admiral" cafe-pizzeria and part-game club "Million" prices are the highest. So, for example, the average pizza there worth 10-13 thousand rubles, 50 grams of vodka — a half thousand, and searing meat meal — 10-13 thousand. Even the price of beer achieves Rechytsa there more than 3 thousand rubles for a mug.
I asked the waitress why so:
Waitress: "Prices do not we set. Which postage us states such we offer our customers. We can not do anything. Ourselves prices do not draw.’s All naturally passes through the management of trade, through the Executive Committee."
In restaurants, a highest level and appropriate prices. Café "Park Avenue" for a bottle of wine guest teaches 40 thousand rubles, and a bottle of vodka — from 20 to 40 thousand. Appropriate prices and hot snacks. "Park Avenue" opened only in summer last year, but for this time prices there rose an average a thousand rubles.
Why is this happening, explains Ming economist Mike Zaleski:
Zaleski: "There prapanavanne, and there is a demand. Demand grows, you can increase prices. And they grow up. People have money they can not be had spent on other things. Here you can either change the structure of the sentence, or change dollars and catering services. People can not buy housing for themselves. Can not allow themselves to new foreign car or a modern computer with licensed applets. He remains or make money on a book, or take a currency or guzzle. And if there is a large demand for restaurants and bars, and they increase the price. "
Mike Zaleski believes that the administrative authorities will not turn a way to halt the growth of prices in public nutrition.

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