Will house more harmless?

Not so long ago, police detained a group of criminals, on account of which, for operational disk imaging, more than 70 burglaries. So called "Speleolyagi" benefited sewer mines desantuyuchysya to the upper floors through the roof and pryhoplivayuchy means and values. How to find the Office Interior Minsk city executive committee, specifically construction flaws have become a prerequisite light penetration thieves in the apartment. However, the reaction to his proposals police have not yet received.
Employee Management: "The problem itself for itself a burning before this painstakingly studied specifically on the basis of a series of residential robbery. But information about the response to our initiative Mingorispolkom yet been received. But, certainly, immediately they can not answer, because, frankly, it refers imposition rather global solution. "
In the Committee of Architecture and Urban Mingorispolkom confirmed that they had received a package of proposals on improvement projects homes, but some refused to do last comments. Like, first you need to thoroughly examine the technical ability to make homes "zlodeyaneprapuskalnymi."
Recognizable designer Leonid Levin, which account for a lot of projects of houses, said: hardly touches the restructuring already built houses. Although, according to Mr. Levin, any difficulties for architects such problem is not. That’s just never even question the need appeared to warn apartment from the sewer.
Levin: "I used to be designed such houses, though, frankly, never adored similar structures, because we were forced to design" booths zvyarushak. "Long time do not do it, but while working in a design institute such question did not have would. Though, as I believe it is very easy was done from the beginning, so no climbing. And we usually just outright errors Nalepa, and later begin to think. "
Roots: "But all this implies additional costs?"
Levin: "What is the cost? Funds are required for the disabled, so that they themselves feel more comfortable. Funds needed at all! But we need to do because of globally civilized done — that all was appropriate. Since, you know, when done anyhow, only to quickly-quickly and save more, it does not give anything decent. Certainly, all it asks some extra attention. "
Only in one Minsk late 1990s annual rent of about 900 thousand square meters of housing. All the houses are built on projects designed for mass building. But whether it is possible to make substantial construction and technical adjustments to the plans already approved for the current year remains an open question.

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