Will it fly Lukashenko on 2-wings?

Pyantkovski: "In 1-x — this, of course," Our homeland goodbye. "It was clear that Lukashenko boas closest friend of, stately Slav peoples unifier, fooling the Russian political elite. And she looked him in the mouth and expected absorption of Belarus into Russia. For this he received a huge economic preferences. But it could not last forever, and even the most romantic imperial nationalists in Moscow, it became clear that there was no association with Belarus in the same sense as they want, will not. And they ran over to the hard pressure Lukashenko …
Tsigankov "But apparently not much was clear. And Zyuganov and Prohanov who visited Minsk and some deputies in the Duma — they are obviously on the side of Lukashenko. "
Pyantkovski: "… you are ahead of me. All I said, first, As for Putin, who recognized Lukashenko swiftly enough. But in the Kremlin — I know it — still pretty people who believe in the possibility of the overthrow Lukashenko now, so using some other, more faithful favorite tighten Belarus in Russia.

Lukashenko firmly recorded in the condition of personal Putin’s opponents. He understands it, and here he did not shine

And add another personal nuance. We we see, what a huge role in Russian policy systems and emotions play in first person. Look, makingpoor guy smiling with Khodorkovsky, the policy defines the relationship with Georgia Saakashvili Putin. Lukashenko firmly recorded in the condition of personal Putin’s opponents. He understands it, and here he did not shine.
Hence it is a natural step. And I always foretold that if this game is the integration is completed, it will play and the national and Western card. He traded, and while in a relationship with the West for his most successful position — no concessions on domestic issues. "
Tsigankov: "As seen from Kiev struggle Kremlin official Minsk? Some Belarusian politicians, for example, Zenon Poznyak, expressed the view that everything is a game and will soon return to the side integration. "Integration" lasts. And will last. It only evfimizm imperial policy. There does not change anything, "- writes Pozniak. According to your opinion, as irreversible steps that made Belarus and our homeland?"
Dergachyov: "I fully back the way anymore. But in a new format may recover more pragmatic cooperation, and the motives are the same — close nations, single story, a single perspective. When Lukashenko of Belarus not acquired other development options. Guess, ended the period when Lukashenko only through promises and concessions in the ideological and political field had a huge economic support and cram a certain standard of living.
At the moment I think Lukashenko has no strategic vision. Lukashenko is obliged to respond to the new steps of the Russian Federation and defend, not to was manufactured any operation on the promotion of a new Moscow-backed favorite in Belarus. A threat of Russian takeover Lukashenko — it is more important. I agree with the sovereign Pyantkovskim, that there have a personal motive between Lukashenko and Putin.
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