Will the market control arms in the world?

Will the market control arms in the world?
Legal and illegal supply of weapons to multiple destinations is constantly growing. For example, sales tools in 2006 was about 3 billion dollars by the end of 2011 increased by 10 times. But experts at the UN believe that the real implementation are significantly higher than these numbers. At the conclusion of the Geneva international Institute, specifically the fault of the U.S. global sales of personal weapons is constantly increasing. And, of course, the U.S. remains naikrupneyshim supplier of pistols, revolvers, shotguns and ammunition. About 48% of weapon market sector instruments is imported from the U.S.. Large global suppliers of small and light weapons are also of Russia, Germany, Italy and China: their sales volume is 200 million dollars. Immediately the U.S. and Germany also produced in huge volumes purchase rifles, pistols and other weapons.

These data confirm the fact that the market is constantly expanding and guns is a profitable and sustainable business. 

In 2006, in order to establish common international standards for the export, import and transfer of ordinary weapons UN decided to prepare an international treaty regulating this market. This proposal was supported by 154 countries. In the midst of the countries that have accepted the idea of ​​signing such a contract, prevailed EU countries that have already introduced at that time, monitoring and reporting on military goods destination. Against this contract were the United States, our homeland, Israel, China and North Korea, as naikrupneyshim suppliers weapons abstain. Fascinating and the fact that in the midst of «abstaining» were naikrupneyshim buyers weapons — India, Egypt, Yemen, Kuwait, Iraq, Libya, Iran, Oman, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Pakistan.

Pioneer training document regulating trade rules instrument became Nobel Prize winners and non-governmental organizations, who believed that the implementation of the articles of the international treaty will lead to end the wars on the planet. Offer group winners were innovative. For example, the rules stated that the government can buy weapons, provided that the costs do not exceed the costs of a weapon in this country on education and health, that authority has been established as a result of honest and open elections that there is no ban on the free expression of political views, the country has a national arms control, that there is no war and civilian government is not involved in any international conflict. Founders of the adoption of the document considered that the contract will serve the goal of ending the arms race and «died» the appetites of the military-industrial complexes of suppliers to provoke the creation of new Somalia, Bosnia, Haiti …..

A group of professionals, which has been entrusted to prepare a draft international treaty on trade instrument, decided to create a moderate and realistic document: taking into account existing intergovernmental agreements and adopted international documents.

RF naturally as one of the largest exporters of weapons, not indifferent that the adoption of this document certain transactions Moscow acquire the status of «illegal.» But not far considering this situation, it is natural that the question of the loss of insignificant amounts — several million dollars — is crumbs compared with the total volume of Russian exports of weapons of around 7 billion. $.

In a more difficult situation, most likely will be importing weapons — because the document provides for a substantial amount of the criterion of non-compliance can lead to disqualification of the country for the purchase of weapons. Because, of course, that these countries will be the main opponents of the adoption contract trading instrument.

Russian side believes that today is not fully worked out a mechanism for monitoring the implementation of such a contract regulating market instruments (ATT), are not clear sources of info and order investigations into violations. How and by whom would be considered problematic issues for the supply of weapons to countries that, for example, requires an instrument to organize self-defense and many other difficult topics that arise in the implementation and purchase guns?

Today every government, being an exporter weapon has its own control system: as such huge foreign exchange flows, governments require serious consideration and sustained export controls (EC). EC system consists of a 2-interrelated areas: specific export of weapons and delivery of products and technologies of dual purpose.

Matching supply tools for the limit inside the country of manufacture is required due to the need to assess the possibility of transaction violations of applicable international law and do not harm most exporting country and its allies. Usually, in agreeing transactions involving authorized departments of the Ministry of Defense, security, intelligence spetsy also senior management of the country. Foreign trade transactions in arms are not with the manufacturer, and with intermediaries have a license for this activity. For example, in Israel about two thousand arms brokers.

Any exporting country has an approved list of instruments permitted for sale. This allows you to ensure your safety. There is also a list of states, which is prohibited arms exports. U.S. Department of State annually forms the list of countries that support, in their opinion, terrorism, and many countries follow the advice of the U.S. refraining from supplying weapons to the countries included in this «black list».
Our homeland without the help of others to make decisions on exports of weapons. Experience has shown that the introduction of the embargo on weapons is not an efficient inventory control arms market — there are always workarounds supply guns. As follows embargo activates dark arms market. But, for example, South Africa, Sudan and Iran, because of the embargo, began to develop its own defense industry.

Experts they say that the illegal export of weapons spices organized in 3 categories:
— criminal gangs;
— big deal, who knows how to use personal connections in the upper echelons of power and knows how to look for loopholes in international law in the sale of weapons;
— municipal employees-smugglers who violated the law do the job of government subdivisions, considering that ensure the safety of their country.

Well known and some illegal shipments of guns channels:
— through grayish areas: areas that are not are kept under the control of the legitimate authorities of these states, allowing warlords not only by taking a weapon, and to organize themselves in the dark branches of the arms market;
— channels available since the time of the «cold war» between NATO and the Warsaw Pact countries: both units have ways and professionals sending weapons into the country or regime, which could not be openly supplying arms;
— upgrading of products which have a dual purpose, to the level of modern arms (for example, completion of the ordinary light emitter of radio waves leads to a director effective interference);
— Channels criminal circles. So, According to experts, virtually every fourth representative criminal circles is related to illicit trade instrument;
— great work ethnic channels smuggling guns, which often have a financial and emotional support diasporas.

From the foregoing, it is clear that taking control of the world arms market society rather difficult task and multifactorial. Will the international arms market contract to make transparent and open or become another mechanism for the liquidation of opponents hands of the world community?

Russian experts reasonably believe that this contract is oriented against Russia, which will try to blame the illegal shipments of guns «problem» countries and regimes. United States and EU to do everything to force Russia to complete delivery of Russian weapons to countries that are its customers the same (for example: Syria, Iran).

Our homeland, as a permanent member of the UN Security Council is interested in regulating the market weapons, but at the same time, as a sovereign government may, without the help of others to decide — to whom, when and where will supply arms. Our homeland is not once offered to Western countries produce weapons delivery in hot point of the planet. So the question — why the West gun supplies to Georgia, the conflict with South Ossetia and understandable answer is received.

Competitiveness in the market is very tough guns. Russian producers very hard. Not all businesses can successfully Russian defense industry to compete with zabugornom manufacturers. Our homeland long time supplied to the world market second hand vehicles, although the production and sales of the aircraft, she managed to achieve certain results.

Note that at the International Conference, which started its work July 2, 2012, was planned to be carried out a preliminary discussion on the draft document, governing trade ordinary weapons. But the conflict between the Egyptian delegation, requires that the meeting was attended by representatives of the Palestinian and Israel opposing the talks were postponed. But still, there is hope that the delegates from 193 countries will achieve a result in the negotiations and to prepare a document that will be the foundation of a civilized market organization weapons.

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