Wishing to become members decreased significantly

According to him, in these neighborhoods to be registered as a candidate passed the documents only one person.
These six districts Ivatsevichy bow area, Pinsk, Novopolotsk Vawkavysk, Navagrudak and Maladziechna. It may happen even so that the elections did not take place there. For this district commissions rather not register these candidates.
Wishing to become members is comparable to previous parliamentary elections has declined significantly. In 2004 692 was blocked in This year — only three hundred sixty-fifth
I asked the emperor Lazavik why, in his opinion, the elections to the House of Representatives so rapidly losing enthusiasm. CEC Secretary believes that first it is the fault of political parties:
"Activity political parties for some reason, has significantly decreased. In some steps campaign participated least half of the 15 registered political parties.
Watching them work, I come to the conclusion that they are currently engaged in more infighting, neuvvyazkami leadership inside the party. We beheld it and BPF, and the Social Democrats-Lyaukovich Kozulin. And so, apparently, is no strength to deal with socio-economic neuvvyazkami that, for sure, must be in the policy of ".
First deputy chairman of the BPF Vintsuk Vyachorka recalls that the party put forward their own candidates in the overall list of SLM:
"We could distinguish them significantly more through the collection of signatures. Also we could allocate our candidates through party conventions. But we could nominate only those neighborhood where there is an officially registered party structures. And they were all destroyed by the recent decisions of the Ministry of Justice. We lost 80% grassroots party structures.
Because I think the authorities need to look in the mirror and not incriminate party. Suddenly his party came in handy as carriers of political activism. In the normal state, political parties — indeed support the political process. What can be said about our government. "
Now in the morning the last of the long-term OSCE ODIHR observers dispersed regions. As told mission, they recently visit election commissions, meet with candidates, journalists. About own observation they will report to the headquarters of the mission. Tags: elections, the registration of candidates, Lazavik

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