Wojtowicz Alexander: I feel sorry for Sergei Ablameyko

Sergei Ablameyko, photo bsu.byLate last week, Alexander Lukashenko, declared the new rector of the Belarusian Municipal Institute. They became a doctor, doctor Sergei Ablameyko. Previously, he served as Director General of the Joint Institute of Informatics of the National Academy of problems. As scientists estimate a new destination?
Ex-president of the National Academy of Dr. Alexander Wojtowicz knows the newly appointed rector of BSU for Research:
"An outstanding scholar and an excellent man. As a scientist, he was involved in information processing, he was involved in a certain way — for example, is a photo from space, and it is necessary to recognize the image of her — was engaged in processing mathematical. Spec is very large, which is engaged in a very modern trends. And I’m very sorry that such spetsa torn away from the work to which he is very highly spec. and losing such a person. "
Doctor Alexander Tuzikov 6 years as deputy Sergei Ablameyko which since 2002 has been CEO of the Joint Institute of Informatics problems:
"And as a person and as a scientist, he was able to preserve the traditions of our institution and to develop them further. Naturally, such a pity to lose us human. But we realize that brand new work he is very responsible, difficult. We are glad for him, but the very institution sorry. "
Appointing new Rector Alexander Lukashenko said that "I would like to greater efficiency in the BSU. Institute itself must earn funds, including the creation of a particular product."
Last rector of BSU Alexander Kozulin first began to put universities, so to speak, on a commercial footing. He believes that in any case the purpose of Sergei Ablameyko — a movement forward.
"The fact that they recognize that the institution should be able to without the help of other

But usually the rector of the institute — institute people.

earn money — so this is the line that we always carried. Naturally, we must be able to earn money wisely. This is the knowledge-based component, which should always be in the spotlight. But usually the rector of the institute — institute people. Sergei Ablameyko really enjoys prestige, great respect in the scientific environment, but it will be quite difficult to work as rector. But time will show … "
That sovereign Ablameyko on the new post will simply not convinced and Dr. Alexander Wojtowicz:
"I believe that this personnel decision — absolutely bad. Since this person was not working at the university. He will have to get used to 10 years, so without the help of others with knowledge of the case to decide. I feel sorry for this man. He’s not an executive or manager . He’s a scientist. Incidentally, this question innovatorskogo process and management, which is solved in the country, in my opinion, not as Makar, as follows. "
Ablameyko Sergey was born in 1956. Graduated from Faculty of Mathematics and BSU. Since 1978 he worked in the Institute of Technical kibernetyki who in 2002 became the Joint Institute of Informatics problems. In 26 years, defended his thesis, 34 — doctoral thesis. Published more than 350 scientific works, including 11 monographs. Laureate of the State Prize of Belarus, many popular science prizes.

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