Would change the presidential elections in Turkmenistan?

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The right to vote in presidential elections has almost half the 5 million population. The last presidential election there were about 15 years ago (June 1992), when the former President Saparmurat Niyazov was the only candidate and won 99.5% of votes.
In today’s election involved six candidates. They are all they say about certain destinations configurations, but promise to continue in the main policy Turkmenbashi — "head of the Turkmen". So calledand Niyazov, Turkmenistan whose policies turned into one of the more isolated countries in the world.

October 29, 2006 Turkmenbashi (center) at a ceremony celebrating the 15th anniversary of independence of Turkmenistan, Ashgabat

Bane Niyazov in December last year could end this era in the history of Turkmenistan. This Sunday, citizens will choose between six candidates for the presidency, were hitherto virtually unknown even in Turkmenistan.
No opposition in elections
Anne Sander Plesmen researcher Georgia and Turkmenistan to the human rights organization "Amnesty International", notes that, unfortunately, in the elections for the presidency are fighting only those whose candidacy approved mode.
Sander Plesmen: "No opposition party could not and can not participate in these elections."
Last Turkmen MP Khalmurat Sayunav, now opposition leader in exile, said that the elections are illegitimate, as all men did not participate in the nomination of candidates.
Sayunav: "All candidates for the elections on February 11 allocated by the government and not the people. Here we litsezreem violation of the constitutional rights of people to vote and to elect their own representatives."
All for Victory Berdymukamedava
Turkmen government relies on voter during the voting. Turkmen municipal television transmits ads to entice people to come to the polls.
"Anyone who will vote for the first time, young and old, will receive a gift" — Turkmen TV reported.
The winner is the last health minister Gurbanguly Berdymukamedav, which is currently acting president. Although he claims monotonous time in the media for all candidates for Actually he had the lion’s share of airtime and media attention in comparison with other candidates. Moreover, the head of the Central Election Commission has publicly stated that will work in order to see the Berdymukamedava elected president.
Foreign observers will not be — even with the CIS
Many democratic countries and human rights organizations called on the Turkmen government these elections give the country an opportunity to take steps towards a democratic, liberal development. Some candidates have promised to make the web more accessible, the right to obtain land, to reduce restrictions on travel abroad.
These elections should show whether the Turkmen authorities want to reduce the control of society, which until This time is one of the least free in the world. But in the presidential elections in Turkmenistan on Sunday there will be no foreign observers, or even observers from CIS countries.
OSCE made a group that will, according to the organization, "look of the electoral process" and "get acquainted with the issues related to elections," but a group of OSCE will neither follow nor do election monitoring, and will publish a report on the elections in Turkmenistan .
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