Would freedom spelling — to seek political change

You can mark something positive and rational in those innovations which introduces brand new edition of the official spelling? Do strive to unify different spelling of Belarusian language? Will be used in public Traditional Belarusian language (which is commonly referred to as "tarashkevitsa") in 2010?
Tsigankov: "Can we talk about ordering Belarusian spelling version of the law approved by MPs and signed by the head of the country? Can anything positive note of those innovations that introduces a brand new edition of the official spelling? Was it necessary for the act?"
The law puts a split in the range of Belarusian

Barshcheuski"This issue should be considered in the broader context — who, why and what is done. Currently the situation is such that the host range of the Belarusian language alive impartially reduced by reducing the real carriers — the inhabitants of the village. New wheel not expanding rapidly, as there Accordingly municipal policy.
In this situation, you should ask the question, increase the number of native speakers of any such innovation? I definitely say — not extend only will raise the problem of.
If we abstract from this, the individual standards were doing better situation — for example, to write the ninth or the tenth through the "I", a number of standards in foreign words. But ignored more fundamental things, such as the transfer of "D" between with 2 vowels — because Belarusians always pronounce the presidium, and had to write. Based on this, I can not even say that these changes in the best side. "

Dynko"Configurations that puts the law — are insignificant and small. There are positive — for example, the unification of writing" y ".
But the main thing in this law — not a linguistic and political nuance. "Nasha Niva", "Arche" — is the latest in Belarus, who strongly and firmly held to the traditional spelling. Specifically against us this law is designed. Until now it is unclear what to do after publishing the law came into force.
Conceived as the founders of the law, he enters a split in terms of users of the Belarusian language. Some people believe that you need to stay even at the cost of traditional spelling transition Publishing underground, others behold the opportunity to let the disgusting here, but a compromise — the transition to a single spelling. Provocateurs tend to focus intensely this topic, hook, trigger still huge sections — and this indicates that we need to delve into these sections. My suggestion — just ignore the question by spelling and yet continue the same line, which held our publications the last 10 years. Nick 1st spelling just read the second spelling, and vice versa. People read, for example, the website "Nasha Niva", where printed materials different spelling, and no one has no discomfort. "
"It is focused on the destruction of the Belarusian language, in whatever form it did not get"
Tsigankov"The intention of the authorities to adopt a law on new" rules of the Belarusian spelling and punctuation "has caused a huge debate in society, those people who do not flegmantichny to the status of the Belarusian language. Perhaps more passionately and stubbornly open a discussion that is the question — should strive to unify the different spelling of Belarusian language, or leave everything as it is, as suggested by Andrew Dynko? "
Barshcheuski"In the current situation I definitely support Andrei Dynko. Beyond In a society that really enjoys the Belarusian language, the existence of 2-spell does not cause problems.
Here it should be understood that the so-called "school reform" fatally thrashes literacy people. Practically, in the senior classes to the standard curriculum left one o’clock the Belarusian language and one hour per week of Belarusian literature. Writing, and so low, drop in a couple of times, and yet this reform spelling … All this is made without public violence, clumsy, and all this is focused on the destruction of the Belarusian language, in whatever form it took advantage of neither. Because I definitely do for what you need to leave the status quo. And naturally tarashkevitsa not die anyway, because she did not die, even in Russian times, it was used exiles. She survived those days, and these will survive. "
Tsigankov"Let me remind you that according to the law" On the Rules of Belarusian spelling and punctuation "in September 2010 using the written Belarusian language will need to adhere to the approved rules. A derogation is provided for responsibility — it’s unclear what. Whether it is possible at this time to predict what still to be decided by the editorial staff, who hold the traditional spelling? "
"Do you want freedom spelling — Strive for political change"
Dynko"There is an active discussion. Rudkovsky There article Peter, Sergei Dubovcy, Dmitry scoops on this topic. Solution will need to take on the situation. Daktrynerstva not like in such matters. I think daktrynerstva that was inherent part of the Belarusian State paslyasavetski movement in time done a lot of harm. necessary to go from practice.
Readers and listeners want to say — "Do you want freedom spelling — Strive for political change." It became evident that, as a matter of survival of the Belarusian culture and spelling question — political.
Second thing — is practice. I was very impressed last article in Peter Rudkovsky "Arche". A year earlier, when this debate began, Peter made a hot article to adhere to the traditional spelling at any cost. Later he went to work as a teacher Euro Humanities Institute. After working for a year, he writes that he saw that, in practice, to use the traditional spelling unreal. This causes troubles students, and at the present level of education and enlightenment in Belarus — it is unreal. And after he defected from the state to the state of free intellectual practical intellectual, Rudkovskii decided to call a close eye on the languid moments and agree on a single spelling. This is a very fundamental outlook, which is worth reading. "
Tsigankov"But there is not enough painful problem — stay with tarashkevitsa, but with all this losing readers, listeners, to lose a certain status, or go to narkomovku lose certain principles, but remain with the Belarusian language? Is there a problem?"
Barshcheuski"The issue is very complex and diverse. Necessary to ensure that, by 2010, we had a political change, then this question will come from the political to the practical. This is almost the only way out of this impasse. But while there is a legitimate opportunity, need to promote the traditional spelling, as it is our legacy from which we can not renounce. "
Dynko"Not from Myagenkaya characters depends on the fate of the Belarusian language. But the preservation of cultural traditions determine the fate of culture. In matters of spelling each carrier Belarusian language requires wisdom and restraint. We need to do so that the volume of the cultural products of the Belarusian language was as much as possible, and the ability to disseminate this cultural products were extensive as possible. This — superzadacha. Everything else can make this regardless of puzzles. " Tags: Barshcheuski Dynko, spelling, law

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