Wreath Memory: Sergei Starichenko

Found him hanged in personal parents’ house on the street Marat Casa, where he lived with his wife own civilian. Ms. Oksana oppressed and no one is talking. On the unexpected death Starichenko most local activists found out only at the moment.
Deputy Starichenko the regional organization of the Social Democratic Party of Oleg Shabetnik Rechitsy mentions human qualities deceased friend.
Shabetnik "The man was not zvadny, decent throughout. Always found a way to solve all the issues positively — and for all. Wanted some such reconciliation for all people. Questions solved rapidly and accurately.
When there were elections, all the Gomel region bowed as he could. I know that in a passenger car, he had to spend the night. He did his part to the end.
Sergei turned to me, we found him a lawyer. He had problems with housing. He lived in a private house and is very worried that the housing problem it will have. "
Other local Social Democrats say that the emperor was very devoted Starichenko party affairs. Dmitry Kutasov, managing association Gromada railway district said:
Kutasov: "Enough has been interested in the affairs of the party. If there was an opportunity to show initiative. Hardworking was constantly on the road, on As the last, before the election, when there was active work. "
Member of the Social Democratic Party Dmitry Krivoshey with Novobelitse recalls that work with Starichenko was very nice:
Krivoshey: "He was quite kamunikabelny man with him was a pleasure to talk and work."
Some members of the Democratic coalition, which came and organization of the Social Democratic Party, believe that the death of the sovereign Starichenko not connected with his party activities. The actual head of the Social Democratic Party Anatol Lyaukovich from Brest looks at it differently:
Lewkowicz: "I kind of think that something is connected with the public activities, as a person who is engaged in such activities, zvedvae government pressure. Realize political activity — is one thing. And all the same social status is measured by the same Prof. activities. Though some public figure, and Sergei was a regional public and political figure, a regional favorite — they all have quite strong social status. At any time of may "run over." And to be unemployed in the society — very languid burden. I believe that it is also one of the reasons that came with Sergei. "
Indeed, in the soon Sergei Starichenko remained without work. Once he had attended a biologist in the Gomel Institute named Skarina. Worked in Moscow, where his first wife and his daughter. In Gomel worked at measuring devices.
Now politicians to take on the business shall be removed. Sergei knew it, but not from political activity declined.
Lewkowicz says Anatoly:
Lewkowicz: "If we talk about the human qualities of Sergei Nikolaevich, it was held as a person in relationship with others, as I know him. Sergei, despite the pressure, came to politics and social activities. I honestly say that we have the weak regional organization — it Gomel. And we started with him, as statedsmiling, slowly lift it. But this work was cut short in this step. Such destruction, as I understand it, and for friends and relatives for the party and very unexpected. It is a pity, of course. "
A similar experience at the moment, many who knew Gomel favorite Social Democrats.
Meanwhile Russian prosecutors investigating Homel forcibly death of Sergei Starichenko.

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