Wreath Memory: Victor Staschenyuk

Victor Staschenyuk born April 1, 1933 in the village Always Novogrudskaya area. Finished Architectural and Civil Engineering Minsk Theatre and Art Institute. Worked in the easel and book graphics, plenty of time to study the initial form of historical and architectural monuments of Belarus did their graphic reconstruction. Many stamps, on which there are images of cultural values of Belarus Viktor drew Staschenyuk. He participated in all exhibitions and creative campaigns conducted by artistic society "race."
Word of farewell to Victor Staschenyuk says painter Alexei Marochkin.
Marochkin: "This is a unique artist, a man with a poetic gift. For us and for our entire culture is a big loss. In my workshop, when it broke up almost House of Writers, hanging high, we can say, under heaven, his "race", which was in the House of Writers. So that his memory will live, and I’m sure he will always be with us. "
Reproductions Victor Staschenyuk finished many books historical themes. Says writer Vladimir Orlov:
Orlov: "Victor, maybe none of our painters knew Belarusian history, which was the main theme of his work. Fate I am grateful for what he gave me the opportunity to work together with Victor on several books. Its unique and precise historical reconstruction Polotsk Navagrudak, Grodno, our other old towns decorate many pages of my book "The country of Belarus."
Victor was my real co-authored a children’s book "Where our family", published by 4 editions. In This year we had make a new 5th enlarged and brought up to the present day the book "From our family." I certainly betray her, but I will be very miss Victor. He went to heaven Belarus, but the light of his talent remains with us. "
Victor Staschenyuk will be buried Feb. 9 at home in Novogrudsky area.
Some works by this artist can look at the website of the magazine "Our Faith"

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