Yak-130 at the Irkutsk Aviation Plant

This gallery from Irkutsk Aviation Plant on the Yak-130, made by the photographer and blogger Marina Lystsevoy.

1. In October 2012, JSC "Corporation" Irkut "started supplying the Russian Air Force trainer aircraft Yak-130. Transfer of Yak-130 Russian Air Force continued until December 19. On that day, Air Force pilots surpassed the" extreme "(according to the plans in 2012), the party Yak-130 from Irkutsk to Boris Gleb, where these machines are prepared for training cadets. As part of the state defense order in 2012 IAP released and handed over fifteen Russian Air Force Yak-130.


2. Delivery of the Russian Air Force 55 aircraft Yak-130 in 2015 with the contract between the Ministry of Defense of Russia and JSC "Corporation" Irkut ", which was signed on December 7, 2011


3. Training and combat aircraft of the new generation of Yak-130, developed in "Yakovlev Design Bureau" (included in the Corporation "Irkut") was chosen as the reference aircraft for the Russian Air Force pilot training.


4. The aircraft is a major component of the training complex, which includes an integrated system of objective control, educational computer classes, aerobatic and specialized training equipment.


5. State tests of the Yak-130 weapons have been successfully completed in December 2009.


6. Corporation "Irkut" in 2011 started the delivery of Yak-130 for export. The market capacity of the Yak-130 in the medium term is estimated at 250 aircraft.


7. December 19, 2012 the Ministry of Defense of Belarus and the "Corporation" Irkut "signed a contract for the delivery of 4 Yak-130.


8. President of "Irkut" Oleg Demchenko:
"With the Yak-130 we associate plans to expand the geography of our exports and are already negotiating to supply the aircraft in a number of countries." To expand the market, we are now working to increase the combat capabilities of the machine. She will receive around the clock opto-electronic system, and in the long term and on-board radar. "


9. A few photos of the final assembly shop. You can take pictures only with special permission of the department.


10. In this shop after a while begin installation of the latest automated assembly line passenger aircraft MS-21. For the assembly of military aircraft build another plant.

11. Gray already hard fly in Boris Gleb.


12. Gray for the Air Force was not chosen by chance. Familiar photographer told me that by visual inspection on top of the background of the earth plane is not visible at all! Can only guess exhaust and then with difficulty.


More pictures here.

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