Yamal village one of the most comfortable in Russia


 Khanymey, Recognized as one of the most comfortable settlements of Russia, was awarded the diploma of the Russian Government and the cash prize.
   The village was incorporated into the four winners in the category of "rural settlements with a population of 3 to 5 thousand people." Victory shared with him Morgaushskiy settlement (Chuvash Republic) and village Hvastovichi and Przemysl (Kaluga region).
  In the contest for the title of the most comfortable together more than 100 municipalities, the prize money of 100 million rubles.
   Khanymey, celebrated in 2012 its 35th anniversary, is actively being improved. Now the village is being built multi-purpose sports complex "Zenith", scheduled to open in September 2013. Until the end of this year, plans to launch a new swimming pool. Particular attention is paid to the landscaping of the village — the fall of 2012 in the village was planted "green alley".

Attraction of the village — Nativity Church.



Beautification of the village.





 September 9th, the day of the 35th anniversary of the opening of the monument to the village and pioneers of the new park.




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Opened in the autumn and the new fountain.


 A few words about the history of

  And she began to Hanymeya the spring of 1977. Then in the next village, 50 kilometers north of the village The November, landed the first troop of seven builders repair and recovery train number 36, "Tyumenstroyput." Two months later, to help builders GRIEF-36 specialists came mechanized columns number 49 and number 55 (MC) of the trust "Uralstroymehanizatsiya." By experts from the three organizations during the first year have been built in the time a design school, hospital, post office, sauna and boiler. Build housing, conducted dumping subgrade under the railroad immediately after it was laid steel track.  
  May 30, 1978 by the decision of the Tyumen Oblast Executive Committee Khanymey village was officially incorporated. In January 1979, the railway section Noyabr'sk Khanum was commissioned Mintransstroyu.

F / train station 







 In December 1987, began the "oil" story Hanymeya when Vyngayakhinskoye field drilled the first well.


May 8, 2002 — Geophysical party number 571, started drilling the first well in the Ety-Pur field, which is parallel to the road fill Vyngayakhinskoye fishing, where have all the infrastructure required for the processing and transportation of oil.

October 31, 2003 — at the same time began to run Vyngayakhinskoye and Ety-Pur gas fields of OAO "Gazprom — Noyabrskgazdobycha." Who lives in the village of 4707 people.

Administration of the village









 To mark the anniversary Khanymey approached, becoming the most comfortable in the Pur district. And now, coming to Khanymey, you feel that each of the leaders do not just strive to meet their goals, but also invested in the village part of his soul. Well, who does not know that here first got rid of the landfill, paved asphalt road, landed on the sandstone many birch trees, in the bright foliage of which are now buried almost every street and every house? And broke numerous flower beds and built a beautiful square with benches and play areas, beautiful light fixtures installed … 

Khanymey highway and November.


  And hanymeytsy not stop there. Only in the last year or two made in the hundreds of meters of sidewalks and fences along the roads and residential areas. Transformed the streets, new asphalt and macadam road. Intensive ongoing construction of housing, which of old and dilapidated buildings moved lucky. Significantly, it was in the 35-year anniversary ends its existence neighborhood, specially designed for even the MK-55. There's only a few dilapidated buildings whose residents are looking forward to moving to a new housing amenities. And it is not far off when they will come true and dreams. After all, is only currently being built in the village of four blocks of flats, begins construction of another. In 2015, in the village there will be no wooden house, there will be a new recreation center and a health center and the implementation of these plans will not be questioned. 


 PS And do not invest in a village head when there IS …



















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