Yandeks.DNS block access to dangerous sites

The company "Yandex"launchedbeta version of the free serviceYandeks.DNS, limiting access to malicious sites and resources for adults.

To filter the new service uses its own search data and antivirus "Yandex". When you try to go to a dangerous site from your desktop computer, laptop or mobile device user will be blocking message.

Yandeks.DNS operates in three modes: without filtering, protection against malicious content and mode of family filter — with blocking malicious and unwanted resources. Each option has its own address DNS. Mode without filtering "Yandex" recommends the use of those who need a fast and reliable DNS-service.

Yandeks.DNS can configure a wireless access point or router, writing one of the three addresses of the service as the core. The corresponding firmware update currently available only for devices D-Link and ZyXEL, but the future is expected to expand the list of supported devices. Instructions for configuring DNS-service "Yandex" manually, visitdns.yandex.ru.

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