Yandex announces partnership with CERN

Yandex entered into an agreement with The European Centre for Nuclear Research (CERN), becoming an associate member CERN openlab. In the framework of the company will provide a physicist their computing resources and data processing technologies — including machine learning technology Matriksnet.

CERN has already started using Matriksnet to analyze the decays of mesons. And this is only the first example — the technology is applicable to the study of other decays and physical processes. You can use it to process huge amounts of data and record events that occur extremely rarely. Highly accurate detection of these phenomena allows scientists to confirm or disprove scientific theories and hypotheses. While physicists use Matriksnet with the help of experts Yandex. In the near future they will be designed for a service that will allow them to apply Matriksnet own.

"Modern physics has to deal with large sets of data, its processing and interpretation. Without that new discoveries in physics is almost impossible. Therefore, we are interested in the services and technologies available to the Yandex. We are not the first year of working with this company and are very pleased that Yandex became an associate member of CERN openlab », — says the head of CERN openlab Bob Jones.

"We already have an established friendly relations with the European Center for Nuclear Research. A formal agreement with CERN only perpetuates and extends our partnership, — says Andrey Ustyuzhanin, the project manager to work with CERN. — Now we will have more opportunities to participate in the research center and easy access to data of experiments. In this article we will be able to improve their technology and, we hope, will contribute to the development of physics. "

Yandex collaborating with CERN since 2011, providing him with their computing resources on a par with leading institutions in Europe. In addition, in the spring of last year Yandex has launched a search service for CERN to work with the data of the experiment LHCb. Now it is the only Russian company, which became part of the scientific center. In addition to Yandex, partners CERN are only a few commercial organizations.

Details on Yandex with CERN can be found in c interview Andrew Ustyuzhaninov.

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