Yandex is building in Ryazan region in Russia’s largest data center

Data Center Company "Yandex DC" is located in the city of Ryazan Oblast Sasovo. Project to create a center of data processing and storage company "Yandex DC" is being set-up equipment.

  • Photo: MediaRyazan
  • Photo: MediaRyazan

Servers are installed and running in test mode. Planned taxes to the regional budget will be about 550 million rubles to 2019. By 2020, will be open four stage of the center for data processing. "Yandex" will offer about 50 skilled jobs.

Data center in Ryazan region, where tens of thousands install servers will be the largest in Russia. Total investments amount to 2.7 billion rubles.

Data center Sasovo occupies part of the former factory premises "Sasta". To connect the servers to a single network, Yandex paved Sasovo between Moscow and several lines of optical communication. They will ensure the development of electronic communications in the region as a whole. 

Yandex data centers — centers for processing and storage. Each member receives a request on the optical channel in data centers, processed and returned as a response to the request. The main task of data centers — provide access to the services of Yandex. Data centers operate around the clock. The main component of the infrastructure of the data center — the cooling system, it's like a traditional air conditioning system and modern Full Free Cooling. In all, Yandex seven data centers, both in Russia and abroad.  

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