Yaroslavl Diesel Equipment Plant has mastered the production of fuel equipment of Euro-4

At the Yaroslavl Diesel Equipment Plant "GAZ Group" released 1,000 th fuel pump fuel system Common Rail, meets international environmental standard Euro 4. According to the press service of the company, development and manufacturing of this type of fuel supply systems of domestic components by Russian specialists was performed for the first time in the post-Soviet space. At the same time, fuel pumps, high pressure Common Rail system based on commercially pumps "CD-40".


The new product has received factory called "pump mod. 47." In this case, it applies the production of a large number of standard parts, which allowed the use of existing metal-cutting equipment and accessories without having to buy a new one. The first production jubilee pump was released after 9 months from the start of the test. In January 2013 at YaZDA started commercial production systems, Common Rail, and in late April, was released thousandth pump.

According to the Managing Director of "YaZDA" Sergei Polyakov, serial Common Rail — a pledge of the future development prospects of the company. It is on the basis of its projects will be implemented, "the Euro 5 and 6." Production of fuel equipment mod.47 carried out in the framework of the investment project "Production of the V-shaped engine JAMZ 4th environmental class with fuel pre-production of" YaZDA. "Amount of investments — 26 million rubles. Implementation of the project 2012-2013. In the motor segment potential customers fuel equipment of the 4th environmental class are companies "GAZ Group", MSW, KamAZ and others.

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