You can spy on Americans: Internet companies supported the bill total surveillance in the United States

One of the lobby groups, which includes representatives of Google, Microsoft and Yahoo, officially supported the bill CISPA. The new document expands the powers of law enforcement agencies and allows them to control information on the Internet, as well as to monitor all movements of U.S. citizens.

April 14, 2013, 13:55

Chairman of the board of directors of Google, Eric Schmidt, CEO of Yahoo, Marissa Mayer and Vice President Brad Smith, Microsoft signed a letter in which he supported the government policy to online safety and thanked the government for the work, according to U.S. media.

Thus, it became clear that most large companies intrenet support the bill or, like Facebook, do not rush to oppose its adoption. The new document is designed to help withstand hacker attacks on the network, say the authors. But the project has caused a wave of criticism because it allows companies that have data about their customers in an emergency transfer this information to the government.

For Google, Microsoft and Yahoo, which are themselves planning to invest in projects related to cybersecurity bill CISPA came just in time. The only obstacle is that the new document violates personal rights of citizens. However, this company has been accused more than once, say human rights organizations in the U.S..

The government has decided to control all the information that is on the Internet and gets into it, and keep track of where the Americans go. Intelligence Committee voted for a new bill CISPA, proposed back in 2011. With the new document, the Government is planning to step up the fight against illegal content on the network, trafficking of intellectual property, and to protect the copyright. The idea to conduct a total surveillance of citizens and support the republican and democratic political forces of the United States.

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