You can wash PR dictatorship?

Prince Bel said in an interview with BelaPAN that will work to improve the style of Belarus as a country, and not Alexander Lukashenko.
Lord Bell previously stated that the company will hold two — information and advertising. The purpose of information — "to get more impartial view of Belarus, as opposed to that created in the global media."
"There is a harsh working to fix this," — he said.
In an interview with the media zabugornye Timothy Bell stated that plans to earn a contract with the official Minsk millions.
Discussion on "Freedom"
Will do better PR British style Belarus?
What determines the international style of the country? Maybe if purely marketing tools, by PR do better reputation of the country without changing internal and external policy?
Bell taught Thatcher and Pinochet
Bell helped Margaret Thatcher win elections and suppress the miners’ strike, ennobled style Pinochet. He is considered a close friend of Berezovsky.
Gomel: "We — ashamed of themselves!"

"What should be done to better relate to Belarus in the world?" This question is answered inhabitants of Gomel.
S.Kastsyan: Collect collect the highest — this is our PR
Member of the House of Representatives Sergei Kastsyan convinced that if Belarus does not "pushing the" herself, no it does not help in this:

A. Klin: "Let’s open the first although the boundaries"

Painter Arthur Klinov often takes visitors from abroad, and says that to a large extent foreigners surprised Belarusian picture — at least it is better than the last, than for themselves represent Belarus in the West.
Positive picture of Belarus will be provided through the "filters"
Managing marketing agency "Starcom Mediavest Group" predicts Peter Cinderella: image-project like the proposed Lord Bell — it is pretty thin and long.
V. Mazynsky: "What: Lord Bell will return a white-red-white flag?"
Theater director Valery Mazynsky states that management simply does not exist in Belarus "prophet in his own country." Therefore hired foreign missions.
Lord Bell officially became the image-makers of Belarus

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